It ain’t the prom, sweetheart,” you hear your man say as he patiently waits downstairs. Meanwhile, you are frantically preparing for your date. The black heels or the red? A quick spritz of perfume and .. oh no, your hair has gone flat!

I’ve never considered myself a beauty queen, but I’m no roll-out-of bed and head out the door kinda gal either. I usually look put together. That’s just my nature. I’ll make sure I have enough time in the morning to “put my face on,” as my grandmother would say.

The length of time it takes for women to get ready varies greatly. It depends on the girl and also where she is going. Usually, I’m not getting ready for prom (go figure), but I do take the time to go through a good skin care regimen. I consider that to be very important and feel gross if I don’t have time to properly cleanse and moisturize.

That done, I don’t have much time to style my hair or mess with eyeshadow, but mascara and red lipstick is a must!

Now it’s time for you Lulus ladies to dish. What’s the most important aspect of your beauty routine? How long do you take to freshen up before you head out the door? Any time saving tips?