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ArtFashion Illustration by Esther Bayer

The fashion-based illustrations of Canadian artist, Esther Bayer, are this week’s homage to the inevitable (right?) arrival of spring. Taking inspiration from vintage magazine covers and little trifles like “. . . the colors of two lovely soft pink carnations that were sitting on my kitchen table;” how could you not fall in love with the soft colors and keen brushstrokes that are available in print form at her Etsy shop.

Attention Readers! Do you draw or illustrate? We would love to see your work and possibly feature it on our blog! Email with images or a link to your work!

ArtAny Scrabble Lovers Out There?

It’s no secret that I have a thing for Scrabble. Ever since days-long marathon games in college, I’ve harbored a secret addiction to this frustrating-yet-brainy game. AND THEN. They invented Words with Friends. Mobile Scrabble I can play whenever I want? Um…yes, please. This game will take over my life! And the world! (Are you pondering what I’m pondering, Pinky?)
In the spirit of promoting nerdiness wherever I go, I decided to see where else these lovable letters have migrated…
to the bed…
…on your sleeves
across your nails…
…a beverage, please!
There’s always time…
…to eat a treat
or make a toast…
…to love so sweet!
I am secretly inspired now to go out and make a ton of cool crafty things with Scrabble tiles. When you can pull yourself away from your next WWF move, check out for some sweet DIY Scrabble projects you can make at home!
Nerd on!
(Pics courtesy of Pinterest, We Heart It, and Google Images. Awesome poem by me.)

ArtOld School Heroes: The Art of Fab Ciraolo

Ok, I seriously have to share with you this young Chilean artist I just found out about; Fab Ciraolo. Even though he is not a sculptor, this Pop Art illust-rordinare (Ok I just made that up) is able to weld juicy characters from the past with a 1980′s-slash-2000′s sense of fashion. And all within a floating stellar abyss. ooooh . . .
Perhaps you remember some of Ciraolo’s Old School Heroes like Jem, She-Ra and Chetara. NO? That’s Ok, the combinations of zippy patterns, washed-out colors and subtle modern details are eye candy for us all. 
The Process:
Did you have fun?

ArtNight Sky: Incredible Time Lapse Photography

I don’t know about you, but this is enough to make me ditch the warm cocoa and hot fires and race off into the snow with my camera and tent.
Okay, not really. But almost.
These pictures were taken by Ben Canales, who actually won the National Geographic Traveler Grand Prize for this year’s Photography Contest for the above photo.
 So awesome, right? Well, continue to be amazed. Let me now introduce you to renowned Norwegian photographer Terje Sørgjerd, who has created one of the coolest time-lapse videos I have EVER seen.
Check it out:
Shot in April of 2011, itis set on El Teide, Spain’s highest mountain.
Above is a still frame from an upcoming video to be entitled “The Fairytale,” and below I’ve added another insanely awesome time lapse video because, well, it’s just that awesome. 

Aren’t these guys just amazing? This takes some real passion and true talent.
To end, I’m going to borrow this quote from Vincent Van Gogh off Ben’s bio page:
“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.”
(Pics courtesy of Urban Times and Google Images. All photos by Ben Canales and Terje Sørgjerd.)

ArtNapkin Folding Idea: Thanksgiving Turkey!



What You Need: 
Cloth Napkins 
Flat Space
Nimble Fingers 

How to Do It:
First, watch this video:

 If they went too fast, here are the steps:
Step 1. Fold the napkin in half vertically. Have the open edges point to the right. 
Step 2. Starting at the bottom, fold the napkin up an inch. 
Step 3. Then fold it under an inch. Continue making accordion pleats until you have about 2″ left at the top. 
Step 4. Now fold the napkin in half, with the pleats on the outside. Make sure all the open edges face to the right.

Step 5. Tuck the top right corners into the bottom left corners. Make sure they’re snug.
Step 6. Open the napkin to the left, stand it upon the little balancer you’ve just made, and arrange the pleats.  

To finish, set the napkin on a plate, and place a gourd at the front. If you’re feeling especially creative, add two cloves for eyes and a stem or cornhusk for a beak. Add a few feathers at the back if you’re feeling REALLY creative, and ta-da! 

Note:  In the video, they iron the napkin every five seconds. While this does result in the crispest results possible, it’s also time-consuming and kindof a pain. My suggestion:  starch and iron your napkins ahead of time, and you’ll get similar results.
If you want more napkin folding ideas, check out the Better Homes and Gardens YouTube Channel and their video section on their site. They seriously have everything- pumpkins butterflies, bunnies, snowflakes, trees, roses, leaves - you name it.
(Steps from Rookie Mom 101. Pics courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens and Social Couture.)