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ArtPucker Up: Natalie Irish Paints with Her Lips

Kiss those paintbrushes goodbye. Literally.
When it comes to creating incredibly awesome works of art, child prodigy Natalie Irish swaps all the typical tools of the trade for something a little more interesting:  
her lips.

 Kinda makes you wonder how many tubes of lipstick she has to go through!
 Check out a day in the life of Natalie’s unique painting style:
When she’s tired of pouting, Natalie often reverts to other body parts, like her thumbprints:
Pretty cool huh? Kinda makes me want to dig out those old tubes of lipstick or start finger painting myself!
To see more of Natalie’s work, check out her website or find her on Facebook!
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ArtDIY: Multifunctional Picture Frame

My inspiration: 


I’m always on the lookout for cool interior design ideas, so when I stumbled upon Emmas Designblogg and saw this totally cute (and easy)Try this at home! Project, well, I just had to “try it at home” for myself.
I added a few creative twists of my own, so feel free to embrace the nature of the DIY and get adventurous with your design choices. I love the key hanger/potted plant idea, but I already have a chalkboard/key holder thingamajig by my door, so I turned my project into a fancy schmancy jewelry organizer, because nobody likes to untangle necklaces when you’re rushing out the door!

What you’ll need: 
- Picture Frame (they have the perfect, unfinished wood frames at Michael’s)
- Wood Moulding (for the panes; and a saw to cut to size)
- Chalkboard Paint (and newspaper or something underneath to keep the mess at bay)
- Hooks (Screw-in, so yeah, you’ll need a drill too)

- Wood Glue 

- And Chalk!

And here we go!
1. First things first, cut the wood moulding to fit inside the frame. You want it to be centered and criss-crossed for a window pane look. Glue into place with the wood glue and let dry.
2. Spray two coats of the chalkboard paint all over. Let dry.
3. Grab your electric drill and drill evenly spaced holes across the top and center pane, or wherever you’d like your hooks to go.
4. Then screw the hooks into place, and, done!
Just hang it up or lean it against the wall on your dresser and let your lovely jewels bring it to life!

 That’s it! How easy was that??? And you can do it all for less than $20.00!


ArtConcept Art from Disney’s Fantasia!

Be whisked back to the land of Fantasia with this beautifully rendered concept art. Fauns, nixies, lyre birds and a herd of pegasus frolic and swim in an enchanted vision that would later become the motion picture.
Rainbow pools and gazebos at dusk are so absolutely stunning; I can only dream of being there.
See a close-up of this gorgeous panoramic here!
Any Fantasia lovers out there?

ArtDispatchwork Teaches Old Bricks New Tricks

Colorful, plastic brick by tiny brick, Jan Vormann is brightening the landscapes of the world in a most unexpected, and smile-inducing, way.

Toulouse, France

This project, called Dispatchwork, has taken the German artist all over the world, “repairing” (as he calls it) crumbling buildings, monuments, and more with hundreds of LEGOs and the assistance of eager helpers. His inspiration?

“The Lego brick has a nostalgic value amongst different generations worldwide, but at the same time it is all up to date. The combination of stone bricks and plastic bricks creates all kind(s) of different contrasts that, in my eyes, illuminate(s) relationships between aesthetics and functionality.”

Bocchignano, Italy (and below)

Tel Aviv, Israel

Delightful as it is, Vormann’s vision is about more than simply dazzling the eyes of passersby. His work in Berlin, filling bulletholes and other damage left from World War II,  was meant to “draw peoples’ attention to the bright Lego, and hopefully they would ask themselves why the Lego was there.” (Telegraph)

Barcelona, Catalunian Empire 

Arnsberg, Germany

Genk, Belgium and Zürich, Switzerland

(Images courtesy of Dispatchwork and Street Art Utopia)

ArtDIY: Wrapping with Fabric

Getting sick of the same way of wrapping presents? Here is a fun technique that is a great alternative to wrapping paper: wrapping with fabric! The art of furoshiki gift wrapping is an ancient Japanese tradition that has dated back to the Nara period. It’s a wonderful way to re-use fabric originally intended for other purposes like a scarf, head piece, or even a tablecloth. Your friends will be blown away with this awesome technique! 
It is really quite simple to wrap this way:
1. Go to a fabric store and buy about a yard of fabric.
2. Place the cloth on a table at a diagonal, with the print facing down on the table.
3. Put the gift in the center of the cloth.
4. Take one corner of the fabric and wrap it over the gift. Repeat on the other side.
5. Take the two remaining corners and tuck them in a little bit so that you have nice gathers.
6. Pull each side up towards each other so that they are at the center of the gift.
7. Finally, tie the ends together using a square knot.  
Here is a video tutorial to give you a visual of what I am talking about:
Enjoy wrapping!
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