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ArtPushing Paper to New Heights: The Art of Isabelle de Borchgrave

Pretty dresses, huh?

Yeah, they’re made of PAPER… I swear!
Isabelle de Borchgrave is a Belgian artist who wears many hats, from painting to wallpaper to tablescapes and beyond, but my favorite is her fabulous collection of intricately folded, pleated, and painted paper dresses. Her recent exhibit at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, called “Pulp Fashion: The Art of Isabelle de Borchgrave”, showcased her incredible talent for costume design via paper, with a walk through the history of fashion, from the Renaissance through the era of Christian Dior and Coco Chanel (though, I suppose if you want to see her Chanels as much as I do, you have to buy the book).

Marie Claire de Croy and Child, after Van Dyck’s painting ; Neapolitan Woman, after Stanzione’s c. 1635 portrait
De Borchgrave has a gift for breathing new life into historic paintings through re-creation, like the two works above, inspired by art currently on display at the Legion of Honor. Her “I Medici” and “White Dresses” collections (below) are perfect models of her expertise.

De Borchgrave, a great admirer of fashion from every era, has devoted an entire collection to the work of famed Spanish fashion designer Mariano Fortuny, all displayed beneath a delicate tent created with, what else, paper.

The World of Mariano Fortuny
And if you’re not already blown away, she’s also recreated looks made famous by Marie Antoinette, Billie Holiday, Jackie Kennedy, and the fashion houses of Worth, Dior, and Lanvin, plus window displays for designers like Hermès. WOW.

Billie Holiday ; Jackie Kennedy’s Wedding Dress

Dior Display Window ; Lanvin

Hermès window display
I might add that she’s also made ballet costumes, Turkish kaftans, shoes, furniture, vases, men’s and children’s clothing… you name it. Plus her interior decorating skills are totally worth marveling over [she even did a collection of hand-painted, paper party décor for Target (sold out, of course)].
Check it all out at her website; it’ll blow your mind.

ArtCalling All Romantics: A Video Love Story

“What do you get when you combine two people in love, Paris, New York, and a Nokia phone?”
See for yourself:
Innovation is nothing new at the Edinburg International Film Festival. This year was no exception, where attendees watched eight short films shot only with a phone. Yep, a phone.
In the Nokia Shorts 2011 contest, eight filmmakers were each given two Nokia N8 phones, $5000 bucks, and a few weeks to make a completed short film. Equipped with a mobile crane and a ukulele-themed score, they created eight incredibly creative, unique stories. Ten thousand dollars and the Nokia Shorts 2011 Jury prize was awarded to JW Griffiths for his fictional tale of two lovers in different cities who eventually unite at the same location.

Pretty sweet, huh?
If you weren’t able to make it to Scotland, and you want to see the other entries, then click here or head to Vimeo for some short and sweet entertainment.
Anybody else suddenly inspired to go out and make a movie with your camera phone?

ArtChalk of the Walk: Edgar Müller’s 3D Sidewalk Art

Remember those wonderful summer days when Mom would let you bust out the big bucket of sidewalk chalk and go to town on the driveway? This is nothing like that…

Edgar Müller is a self-taught German street artist who’s been creating mind-blowing street art since the age of sixteen, and has held the title of ‘maestro madonnari’ (master street painter) since 1998. He’s travelled the world, sharing his captivating talent with a welcoming international audience. I could try to explain all the tricks and angles, but isn’t it more fun to just stare in awe?
Duality (Moscow)
Ice Age (Ireland)
Lava Burst (Germany)
The Cave Project (Germany)
The artist at work

Waterfall (Canada)
(Images courtesy of
Learn more about Müller and his amazing street art (he does more than just three dimensional landscapes) at Metanamorph.
Impressed? Which works are your favorites?

ArtWeekend Inspiration: Dreamy Photos

Weekends in the summertime should be filled with fun and festivities! In my head, summer days have a hazy and warm feeling, filled with bright colors and dreamy lighting. While browsing around online, I came across these gorgeous photos that embody my idea of warm, lazy months. With carnivals, beaches, good food, and travel, these photos are definitely a picture-perfect vision of summer. Take a look below for my favorites from shop owner Happeemonkee on Etsy!

Make sure to stop over to HappeeMonkee on Etsy for more amazing travel, nature, and still-life photography!
What makes a perfect summer day for you?

ArtCurrently Obsessed: Christopher Bush Photography

I recently stumbled upon photographer Christoper Bush on tumblr, and now I cannot get enough. His grainy black & whites and desaturated colors of beautiful women have a minimalist and effortless style that keep me wanting more. But enough from me; I’ll let this New York native’s work speak for itself. Check out his work below.
What do you guys think of these photos? If you want to see more, head over to his site to check out the rest of his work.
Are you a Christopher Bush fan now!?