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BeautyHow to Pull off the Perfect Red Lip

red lip tips for the perfect lip color

The perfect red lip is a staple for every woman this time of year, yet it can be a challenge to master the line work and choose the perfect shade to match your stunning outfit if you aren’t used to wearing it all the time. Need some advice on how to pull off the perfect red lip? Check out our step-by-step guide to master this classic beauty look!

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BeautyBeauty Tips for Cold Weather

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Image via @butwhatshouldiwear

Winter is coming beauty babes! No need to stress– smooth and glowing skin can be achieved even as the temperatures drop. We get it– dry skin, breakouts, and dullness can leave us all feeling a little blue. Don’t worry, skin is constantly changing and giving it a little extra TLC will have you ready for party season! The trick is to be aware of how the environment and everyday habits can affect skin, and how incorporating minor adjustments to your routine can result in glowing skin. Here are some beauty tips for cold weather.

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BeautyQuiz: Which Fall Lip Trend Is Right For You?

which fall lip trend is right for your personality

Your lip color is a crucial part of your fall look. It can make or break your entire outfit, so it’s important to find a lip trend that works best with your style and personality. But with so many kissable lip looks out there, finding the perfect one is easier said than done. Take the quiz down below to figure out which lip trend you should rock this season. Be sure to keep track of your answers as you go!

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BeautyShould You Be Refrigerating Your Beauty Products?

should you be refrigerating your beauty products

There’s seemingly no end to the number of beauty products and tools we’ve convinced ourselves we can’t live without. Our bathroom cabinets, drawers, and makeup bags are packed with all the items we need to look our absolute very best. Now, that might just include a mini refrigerator. Yes, we said refrigerator.

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BeautyFall Makeup Refresh: Makeup Swaps for Colder Months

fall makeup swaps to get ready for winter

Fall is officially in the air – it’s practically almost winter! Our sweaters are ready and we’ve traded our sandals for booties. Along with changing leaves, fashion, and beverages choices (aka trading in that cold brew for a chai spice latte), there are changes in our beauty routine that come along with the autumn months as well! Here are some of our top tips for a fall makeup refresh to keep you looking pretty all season long.

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