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BeautyMani Monday: Silver and White Glitter Nail Tutorial

We’re walking in a sparkling, winter wonderland with our Silver and White Glitter Nail Tutorial! For this winter white look, we used OPI’s Alpine Snow, Inglot’s #201, and silver striping tape for a bold accent. Live out your manicure fantasies with help from our steps below!

silver and white glitter nail



Hannah @ HannahRoxNails

BeautyLulus How-To: Double Wing Cat Eye Tutorial

Get the look of fashion’s finest with our Double Wing Cat Eye Tutorial! This runway-worthy smokey eye absolutely sizzles with the perfect combination of shadows, liner, and glam lashes. Find out what products we used and how we created the look below!



1. Begin by sweeping a soft, matte grey eye shadow (Matt Abdul) to the lower half of the eyelid using Sigma brush #E44.

2. Next, use the pointed Sigma brush #E30 to apply a shimmery charcoal eye shadow (No Waiting) on top of the base color, concentrating on the outer half of the lid.

3. Carefully line the upper lash line, and wing out the eye shadow (Leather Pants) using Sigma brush #E05.

4. Using the same brush and eye shadow, blend the very tip of the cat eye back towards the middle of the lash line.

5. Create the double cat eye by using a black eyeliner pencil to line the lower lash line, mimicking the same shape as above.

6. Smudge the liner using Sigma brush #E65 and a touch of the Leather Pants eye shadow.

7. Apply lengthening false lashes for a more glam look.

8. Finish by applying mascara to the upper and lower lashes!

BeautyMani Monday: NCLA Match Made in Cali Nail Tutorial

With the NCLA Match Made in Cali Neutral Nude Nail Lacquer Set you get two perfectly-paired shades for fun manicures like HannahRoxNails‘ design below! Get this chic neutral combo by following the step-by-step tutorial!

NCLA Match Made in Cali


Hannah @ HannahRoxNails

BeautyLulus How-To: Half-Up Bun Hair Tutorial

Bring out your best look yet this holiday with our Half-Up Bun Hair Tutorial! Perfect for a workday, cocktail party, or to simply bring life back to second-day hair, this chic half-up ‘do puts an elegant twist on a classic ’90s style! Lovin’ the look? Scroll down to our step-by-step tutorial!
Half-Up Bun


1. Begin with wavy hair, and create volume by backcombing under the crown.

2. Loosely twist back the hair from the crown of your hair, and leave out piecesĀ on both sidesĀ framing your face.

3. Center the twisted piece and pin.

4. Next, carefully twist the ponytail up and counterclockwise.

5. Your twist should now look like a bun.

6. Hold the bun in place, and pin underneath.

7. Combine the left front hair to the tail of the bun as shown.

8. Use the remaining front hair on right to twist back and under the bun.

BeautyMani Monday: Navy Blue and Silver Glitter Nail Tutorial

Shine and sparkle through all of your holiday festivities with our Navy Blue and Silver Glitter mani dazzling from your fingertips! Using a combo of loose silver glitter, Inglot’s #201 and OPI’s Umpires Come Out At Night, you can get this sparkling look in a snap! Our easy-breezy tutorial can be found below!

mani monday


Hannah @ HannahRoxNails