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BeautyMani Monday: Pastel Pink and White Mani Tutorial

This week’s Mani Monday is all about pretty pastels! A pastel pink and white mani tutorial is the perfect choice for spring and will be sure to complement any Easter ensemble. Choose your fave pastel and follow the steps below! Isn’t it good to be a girl!?


Hannah @ HannahRoxNails

BeautyLuLu*s How-To: 3, 5 & 10 Minute Makeup Tutorial

After a full day of dancing at Coachella, who could resist hitting the snooze button for a few extra zzz’s in the morning!? Wanna sleep in without sacrificing your makeup routine? We say grab that extra beauty sleep and get ready with our simple 3, 5 & 10 Minute Makeup Tutorial! It’s the perfect way to enhance your natural beauty in a breeze! Follow the steps below to get made up in minutes and move on with your day!
3 minute:
- Begin by applying foundation primer to the entire face. This creates a smooth surface for face makeup, also allowing makeup to last without becoming shiny and fills in any fine lines.
- Next use tinted moisturizer to create an even skin tone.
- Mascara is the perfect finishing touch for a quick makeup application!
5 minute:
- Add concealer to under eyes and to hide blemishes.
- A touch of blush/bronzer to your cheek bones to create a fresh look.
- Curl your lashes for a simple touch to make your lashes look longer!
10 minute:
- Highlighter is a nice touch for light reflection to the upper cheeks bones, nose and chin.
- A fine line of black eyeliner helps to create a slightly more dramatic look.
- Finish up with your favorite lipstick!

BeautyMani Monday: Bright Watercolor Mani Tutorial


You may have your clothes picked out for Coachella, but don’t forget about your mani! If you’re headed to the valley for a weekend of non-stop music and fun, it’s the perfect time to get a little funky with your nail design! That’s why we are totally digging this bright watercolor mani! Add a little arm party and some stackable rings and you’ll be fest ready in a flash!



Hannah @ HannahRoxNails

BeautyLuLu*s How-To: The Perfect Wave Hair Tutorial

Make some serious waves this summer with our perfect wave hair tutorial! In just a few minutes you can create a care-free mane with just a curling iron and paddle brush! Keep in mind this will work best on day-old hair so skip the wash before giving this a whirl. Follow the steps below to see the results for yourself!

- Section top half of your hair and pin-up to prep for curling.
- Carefully hold the curling iron upside down and wrap small sections of hair around, curling away from your face.
- After you finish curling all sections, hairspray the entire thing to better hold curls.
- Once hairspray is dry, lightly brush out curls with a paddle brush to create perfect waves!!!

BeautyMani Monday: The Perfect Metallic Mani Tutorial

This week’s Mani Monday is all about attaining the perfect mani in 7 easy steps! With a few simple tricks and tips you can create a perfect and professional look in no time. Whether it’s a mega metallic or a pretty pastel, it’ll look flawless every time! Skip the salon and save your money by following the steps below!


Hannah @ HannahRoxNails