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BeautyLuLu*s How-To: Longer & Thicker Ponytail

Go ahead and leave those hair extensions at home because our Longer & Thicker Ponytail tutorial will show you a simple way to add volume and length to your everyday pony! Check out our steps outlined below!

thicker ponytail


– Pull the top half of your hair into a bun and fasten remaining hair into a ponytail.
– Backcomb lower ponytail for fullness.
– Take out the bun and create your top ponytail.
– Next, fully backcomb the top pony.
– Carefully smooth the top of the ponytails, to blend.
– Gather all of the hair from both ponytails, and texturize with your comb.
– Finish off with hair spray and now you have a longer, fuller ponytail!

BeautyMani Monday: Nude and Neon French Tips Nail Tutorial

Oh, la la! This week’s nude and neon french tip mani is très chic to say the least! We love how it captures all the fun of these warm summer days while putting a fun twist on the classic french mani! Follow our steps below to try this look out for yourself!




Hannah @ HannahRoxNails

BeautyLuLu*s How-To: Contour Lipstick

Achieving a perfectly plump pout just got a whole lot easier with our quick and easy contour lipstick tutorial! You’ll be amazed to see how this simple highlighting technique quickly takes your lip look to the next level by creating the illusion of a fuller lip. Take a peek at the simple steps below!

Contour Lipstick


Products You Will Need:

– White matte finish liner
– Cream lipstick with corresponding lip liner


– Apply a white matte finish liner to the middle third of your lips.
– Apply lip liner to the outer thirds of the top and bottom lips.
– Using a lipstick brush, fill in the outer thirds with lipstick.
– Finish the look by carefully blending the lipstick into the middle by lightly dabbing with your finger.

Optional: Add a touch of clear lip gloss for even more voluminous lips!

BeautyMani Monday: Neon Splatter Nail Tutorial

Why settle for one fun neon when you can have them all?! We absolutely love how the different sized dots of this neon mani create a chic splattered effect for a super fun summer statement!  Follow our steps below to try out this design for yourself!

neon splatter nail




Hannah @ HannahRoxNails

BeautyLuLu*s How-To: Twisted Half-up Hair Tutorial

Channel your inner Greek goddess with our oh-so-pretty Twisted Half-up Hair Tutorial! With just a few simple steps, you can easily create this lovely style that’s perfect for any occasion! Try adding soft curls or beachy waves for a fun, up-to-date look!

Twisted Half-up


– Section off hair near the crown and lightly backcomb.

– Take a small section of hair from the right side, twist, and fasten with bobby pins.

– Repeat on left side, wrapping under first twist.

– Conceal any exposed bobby pins beneath hair to finish the look!