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BeautyLuLu*s How-To: Infinity Knot Hair Tutorial

Ready for a hairstyle that you are going to want to wear forever and ever? Our absolutely darling Infinity Knot Hair Tutorial is just that! This may take a couple of tries to get on your own, so grab your best gal pal and have fun making this sweet look yours! Find the full step-by-step tutorial outlined below.



1. Take a small section from the front left side and make a loop going counterclockwise.

2. Grab an even amount of hair from the other side and pull behind the loop, keeping the ends separate.

3. Hold the first loop (end piece down), and cross the tail of the right section over the tail of the left.

4. Carefully holding all sections, continue wrapping the right piece clockwise, behind, up, and over the left loop.

5. Still working with the right section, weave the end over, under, and over, as shown.

6. Slowly pull each piece until it creates a loose knot. No pins needed!

BeautyMani Monday: Cream and Black Polka Dot Nail Tutorial

We kid you ‘dot’, this week’s Cream and Black Polka Dot Nail Tutorial is the cutest little pattern we’ve seen all season! A perfectly neutral cream base is transformed with just a simple black dotted pattern, for a look that’s super flirty and fun! Find the steps for the look below, and shop more LVX polishes here!

Polka Dot Nail


Hannah @ HannahRoxNails

BeautyLuLu*s How-To: Navy and Plum Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial

We say there is nothing sexier than a smoldering smokey eye, but when you add navy and plum to the mix, it becomes a spring-ready masterpiece! Give this pretty plum look a try by following our simple steps below!

Navy and Plum Smokey Eyeshadow


1. Apply a neutral-toned base color to the upper portion of the lid.

2. Next, sweep a plum-colored eyeshadow to the bottom half of the lid.

3. Blend a shimmery, navy blue eyeshadow over the plum eyeshadow.

4. Use an angle brush to bring the color down and around to the lower lash line.

5. Next, add a highlight to the inner corner.

6. Apply a matte beige eyeshadow just below the brow bone.

7. Create a cat eye using black cream eyeliner and a precision brush.

8. Complete the look with a few coats of mascara on the top and bottom lashes!

BeautyMani Monday: Black and White Striped Nail Tutorial

Not sure what color to choose for your mani this week?! We say when in doubt, go monochrome! The black and white combo in this week’s striped nail tutorial is clean and totally chic, and will definitely be our spring 2015 go-to. Find all the details below on how to get the look!

black and white striped nail


Hannah @ HannahRoxNails

BeautyLuLu*s How-To: Messy Twist Hair Tutorial

Upgrade your french braid from feminine, to fab and fresh with this week’s Messy Twist Hair Tutorial! A simple side twist travels all the way down into a perfectly tousled look that we are loving for warmer days! Find the full tutorial and steps below!

messy twist


1. Part your hair to the side, and grab two even sections from the fuller side of the part.

2. Begin your twist by pulling the front section upwards, and the back section down.

3. Twist the sections together and away from your face.

4. Similar to a french braid, add hair to the bottom section, and continue to twist back.

5. Continue adding pieces and twist all the way down to the ends of your hair.

6. Finish the twist by tightly wrapping the two final sections, and fastening with a hair-tie (the tight twist will naturally loosen).

9. Carefully hold each section of the twist, and gently loosen for fullness.

10. Keep loosening all the way down and finish with hairspray!