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BeautyMani Monday: Black Daisy Nail Tutorial

What’s chic and matte, and floral all over? Our Black Daisy Nail Tutorial of course! The cute daisy print of this week’s mani has us itching for some sweet sunshine and fresh blooms, with its cool matte black base, and contrasting ivory and yellow daisy designs. You’ll find full steps and instructions in the tutorial below!

black daisy nail.


Hannah @ HannahRoxNails

BeautyLuLu*s How-To: Braided Crown Hair Tutorial

If there is a hair style we can never quite get enough of, it’s a pretty braid paired with dreamy tousled locks! This elegant braided crown is easier than ever thanks to our simple tutorial, with full step-by-step photos and instructions below! Try this look out for yourself and let us know what you think!

braided crown


1. Starting with a middle part, section the left side just behind your ear to begin the braid.

2. Braid toward the back-center of your head, then fasten with pins below the crown.

3. Repeat braid on other side of your part.

4. Next, pull the second braid under the fastened braid so they meet in the middle.

5. Fasten with pins until both sides feel secure.

6. Create volume on top by carefully loosening the hair with a comb.

7. Hide any stray ends and finish the look with hairspray!

BeautyMani Monday: Peach and White French Nail Tutorial

Are your digits in need of a little post-holiday TLC? This week’s Peach and White French Nail Tutorial is sure to freshen them right back up again! A pretty peach base finished with a classic white french tip elongates the nail bed, for a clean and feminine look. Our simple tutorial below shares all the deets!

Peach and White French Nail


Hannah @ HannahRoxNails

BeautyLuLu*s How-To: New Year’s Eve Eyeshadow Tutorial

The countdown to the new year has officially begun and we cannot wait to don this party-ready New Year’s Eve Eyeshadow look! A classic winged eye is accented by a soft silver shadow (and a bit of sparkle!) for a must-have eye that is essential for the winter season. Our tutorial below will show you how to achieve the look!

new year's eve eyeshadow


1. Line the upper lash-line using black pencil eyeliner.
2. Use an angle brush to create a wing.
3. Using the same brush, smudge the black down and around the lower lash-line.
4. Next, apply black pencil eyeliner to the waterline.
5. Sweep a touch of silver eyeshadow just above the black liner on the lid.
6. Add a touch of sparkle with the NYX Luminous Crystal Liner.
7. Complete the look with some fake lashes and a few coats of mascara!

BeautyMani Monday: Silver Sequin NYE Nail Tutorial

Wrap up 2014 with a mani that is sure to sparkle and shine: our Silver Sequin NYE Nail! Perfectly placed silver sequins create a dazzling, party-ready statement that will leave you celebrating long after the New Year’s festivities are over. Need this mani in your life? Follow our steps below!

silver sequin nye nail


Hannah @ HannahRoxNails