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BeautyLulus How-To: Topsy Fishtail Braid Tutorial

If you ever wondered how to make the perfect fishtail braid, our Topsy Fishtail Braid Tutorial makes this sought after look oh, so easy! A few twists and topsy ponytails combine to create a voluminous (and versatile!) style, perfect for any occasion!

topsy fishtail braid


1. Starting with slightly wavy hair, grab a small section from the front left side, and twist towards the back.

2. Twist the right side to match, and fasten with a clear elastic hair tie.

3. Check to be sure the twists look even from the back.

4. Next, reach up and under the hair tie to grab the pony, and to create a topsy.

5. Double check that the twist is centered.

6. On both sides, take even sections of hair from under the twist and create another small ponytail on top.

7. Carefully topsy that small pony as well.

8. Create a third pony on top of that section (like step 6).

9. Continue to create your topsy ponytails all the way down to the end.

10. Once you reach the end of the hair, fasten with a final hair tie.

11. To finish the look, loosen each section working from the top down. Widen the pony until you’ve created a voluminous faux fishtail!

BeautyMani Monday: Pastel Marble Nail Tutorial

A touch of metallic, a marble accent, and a fresh, wintry palette is why we love this week’s Pastel Marble Nail Tutorial! Looking to step up your mani game in 2016? You can start this new year off right by treating yourself to this perfectly chic look. Find all of our steps and polishes used below!

pastel marble nail

Polishes used for this look: Zoya’s April,  Zoya’s Kristen, OPI’s Alpine Snow, OPI’s Unfrost My Heart, and Formula X’s Black Matter.


Hannah @ HannahRoxNails

BeautyMani Monday: Black Glitter NYE Nail Tutorial

It’s almost 2016, and we are counting down the days to our New Year’s Eve celebrations! A new year always calls for a sparkling new dress, and of course, a glitter mani! Just like falling confetti, this week’s Black Glitter NYE mani is absolutely magical, and will put the finishing touch on your night out look. If you’re down to dazzle, scroll below to our detailed tutorial!

black glitter NYE nail

Polishes used for this mani: CND’s Black Pool, NCLA’s Hollywood Hills Hot Number, Inglot’s #201, and glitter pieces from the Salon Secrets™ Nail Art Starter Kit by KISS.


Hannah @ HannahRoxNails

BeautyLulus How-To: Party Perfect Eye Makeup Tutorial

Your party calendar is full, you’ve picked out the dress, now it’s time to top off your look with our Party Perfect Eye Makeup Tutorial! Shimmering golds and a sleek black cat eye are the perfect pair to keep you sparkling all night long. Find the steps to create your own party perfect eye below!



(All eye shadows used can be found in The Balm Voyage Vol. 2 Face Palette)

1. Create a base by applying the Tervetuloa eye shadow across the upper lid using Sigma brush #E70.

2. Add a subtle pop of color to the inner corner with the Bienvenue eye shadow using Sigma brush #E30.

3. Sweep a generous amount of the same eye shadow from the previous step (Bienvenue) to the middle section of the upper lid, using Sigma brush #E30.

4. Clean up the brow bone with the matte eye shadow Welcome using Sigma brush #E47.

5. Next, create depth by applying a darker shimmer eye shadow (Valkommen) to the outside of the lower lash line, with Sigma brush #E65.

6. Draw your cat eye using Sigma Line Ace Legend Black Liquid Eye Liner.

7. Brighten the eye by applying NYX 3-in-1 Wonder Pencil to the waterline.

8. Complete this party perfect look with false lashes and mascara!

BeautyMani Monday: Red and Gold Bow Nail Tutorial

Red nails are always a must this time of year, but with pretty gold bows, AND a negative space design, our Red and Gold Bow Nail Tutorial is too good to pass up! Get in the holiday spirit and deck your digits with this pretty red and gold look! Polishes used for this mani were OPI’s Romantically Involved, and Nars’ Milos.

red and gold bow nail


Hannah @ HannahRoxNails