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BeautyNCLA Nail Wrap Tutorial


What better way to enjoy your summer stay-cation, than with a cool printed mani! If you’ve never used nail wraps before, just follow this easy nail wrap tutorial, and you’ll be relaxing poolside before you know it!

nail wrap tutorial

NCLA nail wraps are so easy , because not only do they come with plenty of wraps (in case you mess up) but they also include a full size nail file, and complete instructions. The only thing else you need is some clear nail polish!

nail wrap tutorial

1.Paint your nails with clear nail polish and let it dry completely.

2. Choose the right size nail wrap for one nail at a time and apply. (I found I needed to step up one size for most of my nails, and you can sort of stretch the width of each nail wrap before applying, if you need to.) Start at the cuticle and smooth over your nail, working out any bubbles. Use the nail file to file off the excess tip, using gentle downward motions.

3. Finish with one or two more coats of clear polish. Let it dry, and you’re done!

nail wrap tutorial

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DIYDIY: 4th of July Drink Decor


4th of JulySip in style this 4th of July by jazzing up your drink with some fun and festive drink decorations!

–  Try some star-spangled spirits by cutting watermelon into fun star shapes and a little red, white, and blue tinsel wrapped around the stem.

– Make your punch more patriotic with strawberries and blueberries along the rim. They’re the perfect colors, and tasty too!

– Oh say, can you see how adorable this mason jar looks with a festive bow and straw? Throw some blueberries into the mix, and you’ve got the perfect drink for a hot 4th of July!

What tasty treats are you planning on serving  for the fourth?

DIYDIY: Everyday Sparkle

Check out these fun ways to add sparkle to your everyday accessories and enjoy some one-of-a-kind shine:


- The Wanna Be Heartin’ Something Ring started out as a beautiful basic, but we pumped it up a notch with red glitter for a look as classic as Dorothy’s infamous ruby slippers.

- White and teal glitter gives the Trip to Tri-Land Earrings an eye-catching new look that’s inspired by another LuLu*s favorite: the Can You Zig It? Teal Chevron Print Dress.

- A little glitter can make an inexpensive pair of heels turn into a posh one-of-a-kind pair! From date night, to girls’ night out, the My Delicious Date Black Patent Pumps are sure to be a sparkly hit with some glitter added to the heel.

Helpful Hint: The trick when using glitter is to make sure you find the right adhesive. Your local craft store will have a lot of options to choose from, so check the label (or ask a friendly sales associate!) and you will have no problem finding the right glue option for your DIY project.

Good luck!

DIYDIY Watermelon Shorts with Erica of FashionLushxx

Editor’s Note: Erica of FashionLushxx is back with a super sweet summer DIY to try! Find the full how-to at the bottom of this post and let us know how you’ll try this trend!



Supplies: A cute pair of shorts, bleach, coral RIT dye (red and orange mixed together works well), green dye (for those whose shorts aren’t already green), and a black fabric pen.

1.    First you want to wash your shorts and not dry them.
2.    Next, dip your shorts about half way (or however high you want your “watermelon” to be in relation to your “rind”) in a bucket of bleach. Plug your nose and do this outside. It’s stinky.
3.    Let your pants sit in the bleach for about 30 minutes, but be sure to check the bleach isn’t degrading the fabric.
4.    Wash out the bleach thoroughly with hot water in the sink and then wash them in the washing machine. The pants will really turn white after you wash them.
5.    Once they are washed and still wet, you are going to want to start with your coral dye. Prepare your mixture just as the box says and pour it into a large bucket.
6.    Dip your shorts to an inch below where the bleach ends and let site for 15-30 minutes, depending on how dark you want your color.
7.    Rinse out the coral dye thoroughly.
8.    Now for the green (again, if your shorts weren’t already green like mine). Follow the same process as we did with the coral, but flip your pants upside down and dip them in the dye. Don’t go to far down, leave a small bit of bleach between the two colors just to make it look more realistic.
9.    Rinse out the green dye with hot water upside down, so the color doesn’t run into your coral part.
10.    Now, throw those bad boys in the washer and dryer.
11.    Once dry, all you need to do is grab your fabric pen and draw some black seeds on the coral part. Don’t make them perfect- because watermelon seeds are kind of scattered. Make sure the shorts are completely dry or the pen will run!!

xoxo, Erica @ FashionLushxx

DIYDIY: Glitter Wine Glasses

DIYPut some more sparkle in your life with these pretty DIY glitter wine glasses!

What You Need: Wine Glasses, Glitter, Mod Podge, Brush, and a Piece of Paper (to catch the extra glitter).

1) Coat the handle of the glass in glue (we used Mod Podge).

2) While being careful to stay over the paper, sprinkle glitter onto the glass. Don’t be shy with the glitter! You can use the paper to dump the extra back into your glitter container.

3) Let the glass dry and repeat steps 1 and 2 until you reach your desired level of sparkle.

4) Put at least two layers of Mod Podge on top of the last layer of glitter so that the glitter won’t come off in your hand.

Helpful Tip: These glasses are hand wash only so make sure they don’t end up in the dishwasher!

Gather the gals, and start sipping in style!