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GeneralEmployee Picks: Scary Movies

SomethingWickedWeekScaryMovies2There’s no better way to get into the Halloween spirit than by gearing up with some scary movies! We asked around LuLu*s headquarters to find out which freaky flicks are employee favorites.

The Strangers

“This is my favorite scary movie because it constantly had me jumping out of my seat and I couldn’t sleep without leaving a light on for weeks! The creepy masks that they wear are absolutely terrifying, and Scott Speedman isn’t too bad to look at either 😉 ” – Kristina, Customer Service

The Shining

“The Shining stars Jack Nicholson in easily his most unhinged role. His isolation amps up the overall terror in this surreal nightmare of a film. This movie gives me the chills because his acting is so realistic that it makes me believe people could go insane from being isolated. Watch with caution, and don’t go to room 247!” -Holly, Fulfillment Department

Dead Alive 

“This cheerfully campy, cult classic manages to capture every aspect I appreciate in a horror movie: cheesiness, comedic relief, some blood and gore, a lack of CGI, a heartwarming love story, and zombies…lots of them. There is plenty of blood, guts, and gore in this splatterfest B-film to make you cringe a little, but it’s so over-the-top cheesy that I find myself grinning from ear to ear most of the time. While I’m giggling about its cartoonish humor, they bring it all together with a heartwarming love story.” – Christina, Copywriter

What’s your favorite scary movie?

GeneralGreat Interiors: Silver Lake, Los Angeles

In the hills of Silver Lake, located on the rim of central Los Angeles, we take a peek into some truly great interiors assembled by couple Lili and Elijah.  Stripped down to the essentials with a few small collections, Bohemian pieces, and plenty of little floral-based surprises, this courtyard apartment offers the simple city life we all covet.

great interiors

NEW_Freunde-von-Freunden-Lili-Cuzor-Elijah-Pointer_7475-930x619great interiorsNEW_Freunde-von-Freunden-Lili-Cuzor-Elijah-Pointer_7907-930x619

Ready_3great interiors

(images courtesy of Freunde von Freunden)

GeneralLuLu*s Sorority Sweetheart Blog Series!


College is back in full swing and now it’s time to decide which organizations you will be a part of this year! Why not go Greek?! Joining a Sorority is a great way to make life-long friends, be involved on your campus, and really make an impact! Ready to take the plunge but don’t know what it takes to get rush-ready? Follow along on our blog all week for our favorite Sorority survival tips and tricks! Need to decide what to wear? We’ve got you covered! Wondering what to bring with you? Never fear; we are on it!

Already a part of the Greek system? Leave us a comment; we’d love to hear your words of wisdom and insider info!




GeneralSite to See: Coffitivity!


Do coffee shop sounds boost your creativity? Audio-based site Coffitivity seems to think so. If you’re the type that works better with a little white noise and hustle and bustle, you are no longer required to be anywhere near it (that’s right folks, it’s the twenty-first century!). Interestingly enough, you can bring the cafe right into your home workspace or any other disagreeably quiet location with one of three ambient options available on Coffitivity:

“Morning Murmur” – Offers light soothing sounds with low, indistinguishable conversation, and a gentle hum of activity.
“Lunchtime Lounge” – Takes it up about half a notch from “Morning Murmur” with a little more lunchtime buzz.
“University Undertones” – Probably the peppiest of the three, you’ll hear a few more chairs and livelier conversation, but the scene is still gentle enough to get your work done.

And because we live in a world of media sharing and personal musical devices, you have both the option to share your own favorite cafe or background sounds, as well as to add music from your iTunes over the top of  the “cafe.”  The Coffitivity app is available for your Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

GeneralShop LuLu*s on Wantworthy!


Still finishing your back to school shopping? Get your fashion fix this school season with an easier way to shop our products with Wantworthy!WantWorthyBP06withlogo

What is Wantworthy?

Wantworthy is a better way to keep track of the LuLu*s items you love! Tired of going from site to site to browse new arrivals? Download the Wantworthy shopping app Fresh and shop till you drop! Wantworthy will bring you your daily dose of new arrivals from all your favorite stores, including LuLu*s, all in one fabulous feed! You can save products to your list as you shop, organize your items and decide what to buy later once you’re ready. Ready to join the shopping revolution? Be sure to follow us Fresh and download the app here: