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GeneralWant more LuLu*s?

Shopping and social media go hand-in-hand these days and it’s never been easier to keep up with the latest items from LuLu*s no matter what social site you’re a part of. Here are some sites we’re using to showcase great trends and the best new items just for you!  Click each image to link to our page and follow us! We’d love to follow you back.

Wanelo is short for Want, Need, Love and it’s never been easier to categorize your favorite things. This site is constantly updated by users all over the globe. Each image gives you the option to “Save” an item to your page, “Buy” which leads you directly to the item, or “Tag” so you can keep track of all of your wants, needs, and loves! Follow us to keep up with the best of new and exclusive pieces from our lookbook!

Socialbliss is a must for the fashion obsessed. This site is all about finding the latest and greatest in fashion and Socialbliss makes it easy to “Spot” an item from a website, “Respot” an item from your favorite store or user and favorite an item by clicking the “Haute” button. It’s easy to get lost in the “Hautespots” category which features the latest looks from events like the Emmy’s and Fashion Week! Follow us on the LuLu*s page to see which products have been labeled “Haute” and to keep up with what’s new!

Lockerz is a great way to share and save the things you love. Lockerz allows you to create collections and add “Decalz” (aka images from the web) to your collections. As you add things to your page and participate on, you earn “PTZ” (aka points) to use on items in the Lockerz shop which includes numerous brands and products at discounted prices just for users. Visit the LuLu*s page to see our best new products and “Love” our decalz to earn points for yourself!


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CelebrityComing Attraction: Oz: The Great and Powerful

Never have I ever been so excited for a movie premiere than I am about this one. I’d say I’ve watched the original Wizard of Oz on VHS somewhere around a trillion times, give or take, complete with outdated TV commercials, because you know we recorded it straight from cable (don’t judge me, it was the 90′s. Rest assured, Warner Bros, I now own it on copyrighted DVD, so no hard feelings).

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GeneralInterior Motives: Knit Home Furnishings by Claire Anne O’Brien

Welcome to the knitty-pretty world of textile artist Claire Anne O’Brien and what should be the NEXT additions to my living room!! Recently awarded the Future Makers Award from the Crafts Council of Ireland, this textile goddess manages to corral chunky knits into artistic home furnishings where over-sized knots and weaves create a curious aesthetic that is both modern and grandma-chic.

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ArtBody Art by Annie Ralli

Happy Humpday my friends! If your week is dragging, or even if it’s not, here’s a little treat from artist Annie Ralli and photographer Ray Massey to get you through to Friday. I’ll spare you the hand-y puns this time around, and leave you with this: enjoy!

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GeneralGood Eats: Leopard Spotted Cupcakes

As Wild Week continues, I wanted to bring you a sweet treat tutorial so you can celebrate with desserts, too! After much research on Pinterest and baking blogs, I found a super cool way to get leopard spots inside of your cupcakes!

Here’s what you’ll need:
Cake mix (I used yellow cake, chocolate cake, and carrot cake mixes.)
Frostings for all of your cake mixes (I used vanilla, chocolate and cream cheese frosting.)
Wax paper

1. Bake the chocolate and carrot cakes as directed on the box. Don’t worry about these being perfect, because you’ll crumble them up into a cake ball mixture next!
2. After the cakes are baked and cooled, scoop them into separate mixing bowls and crumble. Add frosting to each by the spoonful until it is malleable enough to roll into cake balls. Place the mixtures in the freezer for about 30 minutes so that they become easier to roll.
3. Take the chocolate mixture and flatten it between two sheets of wax paper, then break into flat chunks. Roll the carrot cake mixture into tiny ball shapes – they don’t have to be perfect because no two leopard spots are ever the same!
4. Place each carrot cake ball into a chunk of the flattened chocolate mixture and press around the carrot cake ball. Leave some of the carrot cake showing through (this will create the contrasting spots).
5. Prepare your last batch of cake mix. In cupcake tins or a cake pan, alternate a layer of cake balls and a layer of batter, repeating until filled. Note that for cupcakes, you’ll only need 5-6 small cake balls in each cup.
6. Bake as directed on the box and cut down the middle (or take a bite!) to see the wild design in the center!