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DIYDIY Glitter Pumpkins with Christine of Hello Fashion!


Today we have Christine from Hello Fashion sharing a sophisticatedly-spooky Halloween decor DIY: Glitter Pumpkins! This easy tutorial is the perfect way to get your home fall festive without the hassle and mess of carving! So pick out some pumpkins and grab the glitter, it’s time to make something boo-tiful!


Hi everyone! I am Christine from Hello Fashion. I typically blog about fashion and share my street style, but once in awhile I like to share a DIY when I’m feeling crafty. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, not only because of all the beautiful scenery, but I love decorating for the holidays. Today I am so excited to share with you my DIY Glitter Pumpkin. This is a super easy craft, just be ready for a glitter party :)

Mod Podge
Foam Brush
Paper Plates

Clean and dry the pumpkins.

Tape design on pumpkins.
I chose to do a dip dye look for this set. I have also done a chevron print which is cute, but the dips are my favorite. For the dip dye look, just wrap tape around the pumpkin so you have a clean, crisp line.

Paint a thick layer of mod podge on the sections you want to be glittery. I have found foam brushes work the best and they are the least expensive, but any brush works.

Generously sprinkle the glitter onto the mod podge. I like to put a paper plate under the pumpkin as I’m sprinkling so it’s easier to pour the excess glitter back in the container after (it also helps with the mess). You want to dump the glitter on pretty thick; a lot of it sprinkles off at first.

Shake off any excess glitter and touch up any spots you missed.

Let your pumpkin completely dry.

Paint a top coat of mod podge on your dry pumpkin to help seal the glitter. This will help keep the excess glitter from falling everywhere. They also have a spray mod podge that works to seal it and is a little less messy, but I just used the same one I applied to the pumpkin.

TADA! You’re done!
Hope you all have a great Halloween!


Guest BloggerMani Monday: Glow in the dark, blood splatter nail tutorial



Glow in the dark plus blood splatter just screamed “Something Wicked” and this week’s mani will show you how to get a spooky chic nails fit for any Halloween fête!


bloodydrips5 step1 step2


Will you try this wicked look?

xoxo, Lindsey @ Wondrously Polished

Guest BloggerFall Spirits: Pumpkin Spice Hot Toddy

FacetsOfFall2 (1)

Today we have Kealah from Little Chief Honey Bee back again to share a new twist on a fall favorite: The Pumpkin Spice Hot Toddy!  We love asking Kaelah for her favorite drink recipes because she always comes up with a-mahhh-zing ideas! We wanted something that was yummy and very autumn-inspired, and she delivered. Warm pumpkin flavors with a kick; what more could you want? (This drink is great virgin too- just omit the whiskey!) Let us know what other kind of drinks you would like to see. You never know, yours could be next!


Hi everyone! Kaelah here! To be quite honest, I’ve never really been excited by the thought of pumpkin anything. September 1st doesn’t mean much to me, and the thought of eating a pumpkin pie sort of repulses me. But my husband? That’s a different story. We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and much like our actual wedding day, the weather was a bit gloomy and chilly. I thought it’d be fun to whip up a pumpkin and whiskey cocktail to tickle his fancy and spice up the evening. We’re huge whiskey fans and our collection is ever growing, so I decided to do a pumpkin/whiskey cocktail. You can use any type of whiskey you want (Scotch! Cinnamon! Bourbon!), or you can even substitute in some spiced rum if that sounds good. If you’re into pumpkin spice lattes and whiskey, you’ll totally love this Pumpkin Spice Hot Toddy (you can make a mocktail version of it, too)! It’s perfect for the cooler autumn days that are officially upon us. We’re planning on hosting a friendly get-together soon and these are an absolute must for any party. Enjoy!

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Guest BloggerMani Monday: Five Color Ombre Nail Tutorial

FacetsOfFall2 (1)ManicureMondays11

While ombre nails are a super simple way to add that little something extra to your manicure, chances are you don’t own 5 polishes that will work well to create the effect. But don’t worry – you can easily create this look with just 2 polishes and a paint brush!

In nail art, an ombre nail is one that transitions from shade to shade with each nail one full color. The key to creating this look is finding the right ratio of regular polish to white polish. I like to start out with a dark color and slowly add more and more white to produce a smooth color change over each nail.


As a general rule, start out with your base color on either your pinky or your thumb. For the next closest nail color, mix one drop of white to a sizable drop of your dark base polish. I like to mix these on a paper plate for easy cleanup later on. Use a paintbrush to apply the polish to your nail. For each consecutive nail, slowly change the ratio of dark and white polish so that your final nail has the most white mixed into the base polish.

ombre2 ombre3 ombre4 ombre1

The color combinations are endless!

xoxo, Lindsey @ Wondrously Polished

FashionFall Wedding Style with Andrea of Blonde Bedhead: Upscale Modern Venue

Happy Friday! Are you getting dressy this weekend and heading out to an Autumn wedding? If you are wondering what to wear, you are in the right place! Andrea from Blonde Bedhead is back for the final post in our Fall Wedding series! Being a seasoned wedding photographer, Andrea is full of information to make sure that you put together the right outfit for the particular venue and style of the wedding. See below for her latest post and make sure to visit her blog for more daily outfit inspo!

AK-Broad (8)

Hi guys! Andrea from Blonde Bedhead here! I am back again with our last post on how to dress for Fall Weddings. Contemporary art museums make for a great wedding location with their open space, architectural beauty and natural light. With all the windows, guests can enjoy the beauty of fall from indoors while sipping champagne and admiring the formal wear of the black tie affair.



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