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Home DecorDorm Decor Ideas: 5 Genius Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

how to decorate your dorm room to make it feel like home

Is there anything more exciting than the first day of school? Move-in season is upon us and while white walls, cramped quarters, and a laundry list of forbidden items doesn’t necessarily spark interior design inspiration, we promise you there are a bunch of ways to make your dorm room feel like your home in no time! Keep reading for our favorite dorm decor ideas that will have your whole floor jealous!

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General4 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your Desk More Stylish (and Inspiring)


Real talk: Your desk is kind of your command center — the workspace hub that’s dedicated to grinding, working hard and making boss babe moves. So shouldn’t it look the part? No one was ever inspired to turn their dreams into reality by a blah-looking desk accessorized with paper piles and an old janky stapler.

No, your desk should reflect you, your personality, your style, and your goals. So amp it up. With a few instant updates, you can turn your workspace into a spot that feels happy and inspiring, one that drives you to work even harder. And with pieces that are nice to look at and make you smile, it may start to not feel like work at all. Scroll on for four quick and easy ways to dress your desk for success.

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DIYHow to Style a Bar Cart

A well-styled bar cart is a chic and timeless addition to any space. Even if you abstain from drinking alcohol, a bar cart is a cute way to exhibit your glassware and show off your sense of style with little details that display your personality and design savvy. They can also be a great option for open shelving storage and an opportunity for adding some practical decoration when space is limited! Whether you’re renting a small apartment, or decorating your first home, we’ve got the inside scoop on all the essentials for a home bar that’s totally trendy, and totally you! Read on for our recommendations for how to style a bar cart that’s perfect for your lifestyle.

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DIYFloral Arrangement: Instagram-Worthy Bouquets to Brighten your Day!

Flowers are always a great way to add beauty to your home, event, or of course, wedding! We’ve found some of the hottest new trends and mixed them with the basics for the perfect Instagram-worthy photo-ops to rejuvenate and reconnect with nature!

floral arrangement - classic

Classic: Big bold blooms, and plenty of them! This traditional style bouquet can be quickly picked up at you local farmers market, or better yet, style it yourself by picking a color scheme and combining different sizes, shapes, and textures of flowers, get creative!

floral arrangement - on trend

On-trend: A 2018 take on a classic bouquet featuring trending blooms such as succulents, air plants, and even kale! All of your coworkers will be jealous with this cute arrangement on your desk!

floral arrangement - one hit wonder

One-Hit Wonder: It’s super simple and always looks chic, take a bouquet and separate the individual flowers into bud vases, glasses or bottles. Mix it up with a trendy monstera leaf or eucalyptus!

floral arrangement - fruit

Super Sweet: Mix it up by adding fruit! Lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, or even berries (cut or whole) lining the bottom of the vase add color and texture for a fragrant and unique look!

Show us your blooms! We’re dying to see how you create your own floral decor on instagram @Lulus with #lovelulus! (And don’t forget to shop cute floral print looks to match your DIY arrangements below.)


Home DecorBoho Home Decor Round-Up

Boho home decor is just as trendy as its clothing counterpart. Adding a few key pieces, like the ones gathered below, can make your home feel like a vacation getaway. We aimed for a free-spirited vibe with breezy elements like a fringe-accented hammock, cool-toned prints, and earthy wooden accents. Now all you have left to do is lounge in-style in your latest Boho outfit!

Boho Home Decor


1. Wooden Mirror 2. Vase 3. Macrame Plant Holder 4. Clay Dinnerware 5. Rope Pouf 6. Lanterns 7. Ikat Pouf 8. Coasters 9. Hammock