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InterviewsModel Behavior: Meet Nikia Phoenix

If you’ve checked out our vintage section lately, then you couldn’t have missed our newest model, Nikia Phoenix. With her signature freckles and gorgeous look, Nikia has been building a reputable modeling career, moving from the runway to magazines and now to!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Nikia and thought you guys would love the chance to get to know her better.

1. Is being a model all it’s made up to be? 
It has its advantages, and also its hardships. Being a model isn’t always glamorous, but that’s the portrait I paint when I step in front of the camera. I live the life of a starving artist, but it’s what I chose to do. I may not always get paid for what I do, but I love to do it. Because of this profession, I’ve met the most wonderful people. Their creativity and drive encourage me to keep doing what I do.  

2. Who is your greatest inspiration and why?
My greatest inspiration is my family. They are so loving and supportive even when they don’t understand me.  Everyone in my family is very spiritual, especially my grandmother. She’s practically a saint. This woman willingly and unselfishly gives so much of herself. God always blesses her for it, and the blessings trickle down to the rest of us. 

3. How do you stay healthy, both body and mind?
A lot of meditation and discipline. I try to exercise everyday and read something other than news and blogs. The news can be very depressing, so I try to read things that are good for my soul. My boyfriend tries his hardest to make me eat healthy food. I’m from the South, where we fry everything, but he makes me steer clear away from fatty comfort food. Let’s just be honest: there’s nothing nutritional about fried chicken.

4. What is your favorite splurge?
I’m actually pretty frugal, but I will splurge on good food. Dessert especially. Funny that this question comes right after the “staying healthy” one.  I have a sweet tooth. I know that if I overindulge, I’ll be sick. That’s why I always suggest sharing your sweets with the people you love. My sister and I always leave room for dessert, and eat it together (when I’m around, of course).

5. Favorite movie of all time?
The Godfather, but I can’t choose between Part One and Part Two. I love the combination of Al Pacino and Marlon Brando, and then Pacino and Robert DeNiro. I even quote the movies quite often, but few of my friends understand what I’m taking about. “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”  See, even gangsters know how important dessert is.

6. What can’t you leave the house without?
Chapstick. Preferably Carmex.  

7. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
A cup of Earl Grey and an English muffin. On the weekends, I’ll go all out with pancakes, french toast, biscuits, etc.  Basically anything that can potentially be sweet.

8. Any pet peeves?
Disorder and dishonesty. I can’t work with chaos, and I don’t like people lying to me. And I really can’t stand it when someone leaves lights on when no one’s in the room. A small lamp is fine, but let’s not waste energy. I have moments of OCD when I go around turning off lights and rearranging things. Perhaps I need psychiatric assistance.  

9. Describe your perfect outfit.
A vintage soft t-shirt, colorful scarf, comfy slim-fitting jeans, cute heels and stare-at-me earrings. I can run errands without feeling constricted and go out for dinner without looking drab.   

10. New must haves for this year?
Over-the-knee boots and a cute leather jacket. You can never go wrong with a couple of classics.  

If you want to hear more about Nikia (and I’m sure you will!), pay a visit to her awesome blog, Model Liberation, and also check out an interview with Nikia and her mom on the Tyra Banks Show below.

InterviewsPeep Show: Madison Blackley for Nikita

When I was still in design school, I played soccer with a girl who designed action sports clothing for women and men, mostly for snowboarding and BMX. She was always wearing the coolest printed tees and hoodies, and when I asked her where she got them, she introduced me to this awesome company called Nikita.

Nikita is a girls clothing line made especially for the girl who will ride down any mountain, no matter how steep. Since just started carrying some Nikita hoodies (the Fandango Hoodie [sold out!] and the Faithful Sweater [sold out!]), I was given a totally awesome opportunity to get in contact with one of the sponsored snowboarders from the Nikita website, Madison Blackley!

How did you get into boarding?

MB: Well, growing up in Park City, there really was not much to do in the winter but ski. I started skiing when I was about 3, and when the resorts opened up to snowboarding, I thought I would hop on that train and see what it was all about. My dad started snowboarding way before people knew what it was, so I already thought it was pretty sick.

What are your favorite memories of boarding?

MB: The best time snowboarding for me was in 8th grade. I was 13, and in Park City all schools have half-days on Fridays, so me and basically every other kid in PC would head up there and shred and ride pipe till it closed at 9:00 p.m. A hundred of your best friends all chillin’ on the hill … oh, the days of no worries.

What are your favorite tricks?

MB: Lately this season, I have been into the Front Blunt 270, 180 switch 5-0. I also just recently got Frontside 540 Nosegrabs on lock! Anything that looks smooth and styley I am down for.

Where are your favorite places to ride?

MB: Since I hail from Park City, I have gotten to love Utah so much. I don’t think I will ever leave. You have Brighton for insane powder and rails. Park City for all things park, and then good ol’ SLC (Salt Lake City) for those midnight handrail sessions. When I’m not at home in Utah, I do love Mammoth Park laps, and Whistler or Mt. Hood in the summer.

We just started carrying Nikita and are super stoked about it. How did you get into Nikita clothes, and when/how did you get sponsored?

MB: Nikita has been my favorite company for way longer than I have been riding for them. I had always dreamed of riding for them, and then on their first year making outerwear, I bought a jacket and was in love! I just did my snowboard thing that year — competed, filmed and started talking to people — then BAM! Before you knew it, Nikita here I come!

What are your favorite things to wear, and how would you define your style?

MB: I think Nikita definitely defines my style. I don’t have a set image. I mostly go on comfort. Although you will NEVER catch me in a dress, I guess you could say I’m a colorful tomboy. New Era caps, with girly glasses, a basic hoodie and some Nikita denim and some sneaks. That’s about it, every day all day.

You are involved in a project called the Peep Show, a group of women that make boarding films. Can you explain your filming interests and how they relate to boarding? How often do you guys make movies?

MB: Peep Show is a group of up-and-coming girl riders who unfortunately might not get any other film opportunities, but also deserve and are more than good enough to show for it.  It shows more of the down and dirty riding lifestyle rather than the fame, glitzy side.

I was really excited to be working with these girls, because filming has always been way more important to me then competing. I would rather have the dopest video part ever than winning the X Games. Riding park and mountain is WAY different than street rails and powder. You gotta have balls to do it … I’m just gonna say that.

Here is a video of Madison riding that I think is pretty sweet. I am totally amazed at what the girl can do (that’s obvious, I guess!) so check it out!

Thanks, Madison, and good luck this year riding!

InterviewsOh, For the Love of JC!

Lulus has long been a lover of Jeffrey Campbell, also known affectionately as “JC”. What girl can say no to the beauty, comfort, and carefully crafted pieces of art that envelope your feet? So, it was with girlish curiosity that we interviewed the tres amusant Ty McBride, Jeffrey Campbell Brand Specialist, curator for all JC shoe “art”, personality and shoe expert extraordinaire:

Ty McBride, describe a day in your shoes.

“That’s what I love about working for a small company — we all wear so many hats. We all truly collab to work together on everything. I do sales, tradeshows, but also oversee a lot of the fun creative projects. I’m the official JC blogger and tweet-master!”

What’s your favorite part about going to tradeshows?

“I suppose it’s seeing my favorite clients. I am based in NYC, so somethings I don’t get to catch up with my clients and friends from Saint Louis, Chicago, or Texas. We have AMAZING CLIENTS.”

If you were any kind of shoe, what would you be?

“Oh gosh. A lucite platform with bottom lights. I love trashy.”

What should we look for in heel and boot trends for Fall 2009? How about Spring 2010? 

“Well Spring 2010 is still in the secret vault. For Fall, I would say you should take my advice on the following: GRAB ONTO COLOR! Color is huge for Fall. Mustard. Purple. Grey. Khaki. Metallics. Mixed proportions — this is HUGE. Mix an over-the-knee boot with tiny dress for example. Masculine looks for women — everyone should own some version of that as well.”

How do you choose what merchants carry JC shoes?

“They choose us to some extent. We believe in brand loyalty. We try to cater to those who have been loyal to us since we started. We try to respect our clients and their locations — we try to have FUN clients.”

You must meet a ton of die-hard JC fanatics. Are there any particulars that stand out among the rest?

“There are some crazy regular emailers… fans who have seen a JC shoe in an airport, or cafe somewhere… and are now on the hunt for it! We got a lot of iPhone pics with a note that says… ‘I NEED THIS BY FRIDAY.'”

I noticed Chelsea Handler from Chelsea Lately was wearing a pair of Marly’s awhile back and Terri Hatcher has them in black. What other celebs can be spotted in JC?

“Chelsea Handler!! I love her… I did not know that. We are lucky… lots of cute celebs like JC. Zooey, Kate Bosworth, Nicole Richie, Fergie… One of our favorites is Agyness Deyn — the famous model. She is often seen wearing JC on her super model feet. Also, our sandals do well with the LA celeb set, Nicki Hilton and Kate Hudson.”

What in your experience and opinion, are the key elements that make a particular JC shoe a best seller?

“Our best sellers all seem to have one thing in common. They have to SPEAK to the masses. And by that I mean, they have to fill a void… regardless of its a cute flat, or a crazy heel — it’s strange. It’s unique and what people are looking for to complete their look. If we make a shoe that applies to lots of people — we know we are on the right path.”

With that being said, is proud to announce the arrival of the Jeffrey Campbell Michelle Ruffle Unicorn Heel! Thank you to Jeffrey Campbell shoes and Ty McBride!


InterviewsLulus Loves… Sienna!

When you order from, Sienna packs your cute new items and ships them to you in your lucky Lulus box!

Like most of our employees, she has creative side that she expresses through button-making. She has been doing ceramics for about 10 years after gaining a huge interest in college and now satisfies her inner artist by designing unique buttons from little fried eggs to beautiful fruit-inspired pieces. You can check out her collection at

Sienna grew up as a farmer’s daughter so, in keeping with her love for the animals and plants that surrounded her, she uses recycled/re-fashionable materials in her crafts. She also loves baking and cooking as seen in her cute little cupcakes and strawberry buttons! Her favorite button she’s made so far is currently in the works: a little piece of toast with a tiny pad of butter.

What’s her favorite item on The Crusoe Pleat Romper [sold out!]