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Lifestyle12 Holiday Movies Guaranteed to Get You in a Festive Mood

the best holiday movies to watch during christmas

There is something about watching classic holiday movies that just makes us feel like kids again. Sure, there’s a ton of new options out there now, available to watch on a bazillion channels and streaming platforms, but nothing compares to the old-school flicks we watched as youngsters. Whether you’re feeling apprehensive about the season and need to get your head in the holiday game, or you’re just really ready to get festive, old-school holiday movies never disappoint.

Who cares if you’ve seen these films a million times?  Yes, you’ve got the dialogue memorized and yes, you know how they end, but that’s part of what makes these movies so great. The familiarity and tradition behind them are super comforting. That’s why we’ve rounded up our top 12 favorite holiday movies ahead. Just put any one of these on, snuggle up with a mug of hot cocoa, and prepare to get that festive feeling ASAP.

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LifestylePrep for The Big Question With This Engagement Season Checklist

how to prepare for engagement season

Engagements these days happen in all sorts of unique, personal ways. Some babes plan the big moment or pick out the ring with their boo, some are surprised. Either way, the months between Thanksgiving and Valentines Day are peak “Will you marry me?” time, so much so that this period has been dubbed engagement season. It’s a thing.

You may even be among the number of brides-to-be who say yes to a proposal this engagement season — whether you know for sure it’s coming or you’ve been getting that vibe (many brides will tell you they had a sneaking suspicion before the big moment actually happened). As long as you don’t set you and your S.O. up for failure with unrealistic expectations, prepping a little for the question doesn’t hurt. If you’re thinking your beloved might pop the question soon, we’ve put together a checklist to make sure you’re set and ready to say yes. Just remember: whether it happens or not, what’s most important is that you found the person you want to be with forever. Which leads us to the first item on the list:

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Home DecorHere’s Where to Score Chic Holiday Decorations to Deck Those Halls in Style

affordable holiday decor - shop for christmas decorations on a budget

Getting in the holiday spirit doesn’t just mean checking gifts off your shopping list and watching Hallmark movies – but of course, those do help. No, the season doesn’t ever feel like it’s fully arrived until you’ve dressed up your home with festive holiday decor. (Hello? There’s literally a whole song dedicated to decking the halls.) And while we do have a soft spot for the snowman figurines, Santa dish towels, and other cheesy trinkets our Nanas put out every year,  we’re kind of feeling a more modern, stylish look for our own digs. Lucky for us, holiday decorations have come a mighty long way – and the getting is currently very good for chic holiday home adornments that fit every vibe, from boho to modern to glam. Ahead, we’ve put together a list of our go-to decor destinations so get ready to celebrate in style.

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General7 Super Easy Ways you Can Help the Environment

7 super simple ways you can help the environment

Saving the planet may sound like an overwhelming task — and in a lot of ways it is — but we can all do our part. There are actually plenty of easy, eco-friendly habits you can adopt that don’t require a ton of effort (or money). Sound good? We think so: that’s why we’ve collected seven simple changes you can make to help the environment and preserve this big beautiful world. After all, we’re all in this together! Ahead, check out our go-green guide for some super simple tips.

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Lifestyle22 Things to Do on Thanksgiving 2018

withrobinj - what to do for thanksgiving 2018

We’re ready for the turkey, cleaned the whole house, and set aside our stretchy pants, but what about what to do before and after you’ve stuffed the bird and cooked the sides? Thanksgiving falls on November 22 this year, so we’ve come up with 22 things you can do with your family and friends to make the day even more enjoyable! Get ready to eat, drink, and have fun with our picks for what to do on Thanksgiving 2018!

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