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DIYPumpkin Pie Overnight Oats Recipe

yummy pumpkin pie overnight oats

Fall is the perfect time to indulge in all things sweet, spiced, and pumpkin flavored. But who’s to say you can’t find a healthy and wholesome way to have pie for breakfast too!? These overnight oats are so simple and make you feel like the holidays are hugging your face. Trust me.

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General5 Reasons You Should Care About — and Vote in — the Midterm Elections

go vote!

If it feels like politics are kind of everywhere lately, that’s because they are. It’s also because the midterm elections are coming up — and may just be the most important election cycle you’ve seen, well, since the last presidential election. In some ways, maybe more so.

So what exactly are the midterms? They’re the elections that happen in the middle of a presidential term (hence, the name) — and they determine a whole lot of stuff that directly affects you. So while you may think you’re “not a political person,” you’re still a person, which means the outcomes of the midterm votes will have some impact on your everyday life. Ahead, five reasons you should get your behind to the polls on November 6 if you’re 18 or older.

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Lifestyle4 Tips for Staying in Shape When It’s Cold Outside

tips for working out and finding fitness motivation when it is cold outside

As the weather turns cooler, it’s easy to convince yourself you’ll catch up at the gym “tomorrow” (read: maybe this weekend, but probably not). Between the gloomy weather and all the treats surrounding the holidays, it’s not unusual to put on a few pounds as the temps drop. If you’re feeling discouraged by your dwindling motivation, check out our list of recommendations for staying in shape when it’s cold outside!

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LifestyleIt’s National Cat Day: Meet the Cats of Lulus!

Our pups had their moment in the spotlight, but we couldn’t forget about our kitty pals! It’s National Cat Day in the U.S. and all the cat people in the Lulus HQ were excited to get the chance to show off their furry friends. Scroll through to meet the cats and kittens that brighten our days – what’s better than looking at cute cat pictures on the Internet to help you through your Monday?

Sessel aka Sess, 7 years old – Social butterfly, enjoys top-notch cuddles, finds her paw useful to scoop water – occasionally flinging it across the living room floor to cleanse the space.


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BeautyFall Makeup Refresh: Makeup Swaps for Colder Months

fall makeup swaps to get ready for winter

Fall is officially in the air – it’s practically almost winter! Our sweaters are ready and we’ve traded our sandals for booties. Along with changing leaves, fashion, and beverages choices (aka trading in that cold brew for a chai spice latte), there are changes in our beauty routine that come along with the autumn months as well! Here are some of our top tips for a fall makeup refresh to keep you looking pretty all season long.

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