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Lifestyle5 Simple Things You Can Do to Get More Involved in Your Community

5 small ways you can get involved in your community today

Real talk: The world can be an overwhelming place sometimes. If you pay attention to the news you can start to feel like there’s a whole lot of bad out there; so much so that doing good sounds kind of pointless. Allow us to remind you: It’s not. In fact, getting involved in your community can actually help counteract negative feelings — and make you a healthier person (really).

There are so many ways to give back that are easy and not time-consuming. And while they may seem small, these little acts can have a major impact not only on you but on the world around you. By getting involved in your community, you can meet new friends, learn new skills, boost your mood, self-esteem, and overall well-being (studies actually show that generosity is good for your health). Plus, you’re making a difference. What’s better than that?

If you’re ready to get involved in something but you’re not sure exactly what that something should be, we’re here to help. Ahead, check out five small ways to help out in your community. We bet you’re feeling better already.

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General7 Small Ways You Can Celebrate National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

national women's health and fitness day

Yes, we know there is a “day” for everything now — but today is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, a holiday we are wholeheartedly getting behind. Because what’s more important than your health? Spoiler alert: Nothing.

Now we’re not talking about morphing into an exercise and nutrition guru or quitting your job to become a fitness influencer — though of course, you’re more than welcome to do either of those if it feels right for you. No, our goals are smaller, more manageable, and, we think, more realistic. It doesn’t take a total transformation to become the healthier version of you — even little changes can have major impact on your overall well-being. So today, we’re celebrating National Women’s Health and Fitness Day by giving you seven super simple ways to get healthier.

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GeneralMoney Saving Tips For College Life

how to save money in college

In college? Need simple money saving tips? We all know that college life can be overwhelming at times; you have to focus on staying on top of your homework, getting to class on time, enjoying a social life, and staying on trend, while simultaneously staying on budget. But there is a way to manage your finances to make sure you have enough to cover your basic expenses and save, as well as splurge every now and then on new clothes or a night out. It’s a valuable skill that many people don’t learn until it is too late, and their life has become unaffordable, so now’s the time to get it under control. If you’re ready to take money matters into your own hands, read on to learn how to start a basic budget and our favorite tips for managing your college expenses.

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GeneralPod Squad: Funniest Podcasts for When You Need a Good Laugh

the funniest podcasts

Is there anything worse than scanning through the radio stations trying to find something decent to jam out to during your commute? Like, probably, but it sure is annoying trying to fill the silence with the same song you heard five minutes ago or the local news headlines. If you’re in desperate need of something positive and hilarious to zone out on while you’re driving, kicking it at home, or working at your desk, keep reading for the a list of the funniest podcasts we in the Lulus office love to listen to while we’re hard at work making content for you!

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Lifestyle4 Reasons to Stop Saying Sorry All the Time

reasons why you should stop saying sorry

Do you find yourself saying “I’m sorry” for things that aren’t your fault? Or when you’re asking for something perfectly reasonable? You might be a chronic over-apologizer — and you’re not alone. So many of us have this very common affliction, especially women. We apologize for everything from the weather to our feelings and decisions. Sometimes we do it to be polite or make someone else more comfortable. Sometimes we do it to avoid looking pushy or bossy. Other times we might just be doing it out of habit. Either way, it’s time to kick this unhealthy habit — here are four reasons why.

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