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LifestyleWhat to Do This Weekend: In or Out


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Hello, Lulus loves! Feeling ready for a few days off? We sure are! This weekend, we’re recommending activities you can do whether you want to go out or choose to stay in. Just because you don’t want to leave the house – or you can’t because of the weather – doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some solid plans for enjoying your time off! Read on for our fave picks for a fab weekend, inside or out.

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GeneralHow to Host an End of Summer Slumber Party


The end of summer is sneaking up on us (sad face!) so it’s important to fill these remaining weeks with good times and unforgettable experiences. The same old G.N.O. can get a bit tiresome and sometimes you just want to swap your stilettos for slippers, and we don’t blame you! Instead of hitting the club, why not grab your besties and hit the couch? That’s right, we’re talking a classic, girl’s night sleepover. Keep reading for our favorite slumber party ideas for adults!

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BeautyTips and Tricks to Maintain Your Summer Glow


We can’t be the only ones who think our skin just looks better during the summer months. Whether it’s because we are spending more time outside being active (with lots of SPF!) or because we’ve adopted a strict self tanner regimen to make our skin stand out in tank tops, summer dresses, and shorts, summer usually means you can expect a healthy glow, no matter your usual skin tone. As summer starts to wind down, you might be thinking about how to take care of the lustrous look that seems to have come naturally during the warm weather. While we don’t advocate taking to the tanning bed – no. way. – there are ways to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing all year round, no sun required. Every skin tone can benefit from these tips for glowing skin, so whether you’re fair or deep, keep reading to learn how to boost your glowy radiance all year round!

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DIYHow to Style a Bar Cart

A well-styled bar cart is a chic and timeless addition to any space. Even if you abstain from drinking alcohol, a bar cart is a cute way to exhibit your glassware and show off your sense of style with little details that display your personality and design savvy. They can also be a great option for open shelving storage and an opportunity for adding some practical decoration when space is limited! Whether you’re renting a small apartment, or decorating your first home, we’ve got the inside scoop on all the essentials for a home bar that’s totally trendy, and totally you! Read on for our recommendations for how to style a bar cart that’s perfect for your lifestyle.

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LifestyleDon’t Give Up on Your Summer Body: Easy Yoga Routines

easy yoga routine

As summer winds down, and we turn our focus toward school and work, it’s easy to lose track of our summer fitness goals. We’re here to help you stay motivated to keep your summer body all year round, with simple, quick, and easy yoga routines you can do at home in 20 minutes or less! There are so many benefits to incorporating yoga into your fitness arsenal, such as increased energy, flexibility, reduced stress, toning muscles, and improving your overall mindfulness. This article from Yoga Journal goes more in depth, and breaks down 38 reasons why starting a yoga routine will help you out!

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