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LifestyleWhat to Do This Weekend: All The Fall Things

sweater weather is here - see what we're doing this weekend to celebrate the first day of fall

Hip, hip, hooray, it’s the weekend, babe! Can you tell we’re excited about fall? With the official start of fashion’s favorite season (and ours) on September 22, we’re getting totally into the spirit of the return to cooler weather, lots of layers, and all things cozy and cuddly. So bundle up – or think about bundling up – and get ready for a full 48 hours of autumn-inspired activities. Let’s make some plans for what to do this weekend!

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General6 Feel-Good Instagram Accounts to Follow ASAP

We could all use more positivity in our lives right? Of course we could. A smile or laugh goes a really long way when it comes to easing a groggy morning or soothing a tough day at work or school. So whether you’re looking for inspiration, a chuckle, or just a warm and fuzzy feeling, you need only turn to the ‘gram to get your fix. Forget about those accounts that make you feel envious of someone else’s life (reminder: no one’s is perfect) or guilty about not eating clean (pass the pizza, please) and hit follow on these hilarious, positive, smile-inducing Instagram accounts that will make your everyday instantly better.

Thoughts of Dog:

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LifestyleWays to Stay in Shape When You Work Full Time

how to stay in shape when you work full time

We know you’re tired and stressed after a long work day and the last thing you’re thinking about is going for a run (umm happy hour anyone?), but we’re here to tell you that making health and fitness a priority, and finding a realistic work-life balance will make all the difference in your mind and body! Your body supports you throughout the day to accomplish your goals and live your best life, so the least you can do is repay the favor by taking care of it, even when you feel busy or overwhelmed with work or school. But staying in shape and living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be a huge challenge! Read on for some of our favorite tips to help take care of your body, even with a busy schedule.

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Lifestyle5 New Shows We Are Stoked to Watch This Fall

the 5 shows we are stoked to watch this fall

Summer vacation may be over but there are plenty of reasons to be excited about fall. Aside from the fashion, the crisp weather, the outdoor activities, and the pumpkin spice everything, a fresh crop of new, obsessable television shows are on the roster this season. So grab your coziest blanket and your comfiest sweater, then settle in for some quality TV time. The five shows ahead are our top picks for “ones to watch.”
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LifestyleWhat to Do This Weekend: That Fall Feeling

update your home for fall this weekend

Image via @christinagogo_

Welcome back to the weekend, Lulus loves! We don’t know about you, but the weather this week has us feeling all kinds of ready for fall to officially begin. While we only have to wait one more week for the official start of autumn, we’re taking this weekend to do a little prep for what’s to come in the cooler months ahead. The change of seasons is a great time to think about what you want to accomplish for the future, do a check in with yourself about your goals and priorities, and refresh your space and your style to match whatever mother nature throws your way. Ready to dive into a big pile of fall leaves? Read on for our almost-fall weekend tips!

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