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General5 Summer Date Ideas You’ll Love

Does anyone else get all romantic feeling during the summer months? Maybe it’s the long days with gorgeous sunsets, warm nights that seem to go on and on, or simply all the songs written about summer lovin’–whatever it is, we feel like summer is the perfect time to get out of your routine and make the extra effort to up your dating game. Whether you’ve just swiped right or you’re in it for the long haul, try one of these fun summer date ideas to get to know your S.O. a little better and make the most of the summertime styles at your fingertips. Not only is summer a great time to get a little romantic, it’s also the best time to pair a flirty little dress with cute accessories to wow your date with your incredible sense of style (and occasion). The perfect date outfit to go with the perfect date? Tell us more.

Date Idea #1: Head to the farmer’s market

Who knew digging through produce could be such a great bonding activity? Visiting the farmer’s market together is a fun way to find out each other’s likes and dislikes when it comes to food, get some low-key exercise while walking around, and learn more about the city you share by supporting local producers and artisans. Try some samples, learn which fruits and vegetables are in season, and check grocery shopping off your list for the week with this do-it-all date. Feeling the love and don’t want the date to end? Once you’ve packed your picks in your tote bag, you can bring them home to prepare a delicious lunch or dinner for two together. For a look that fits the vibe from the market to your kitchen, pair a flirty sundress with wedges and cute sunnies for an adorable day date look that transitions well into the night.

summer date ideas - outfit for the farmer's market

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LifestyleWhat to Do This Weekend: TGIF

charcuterie board - meat

Happy almost-weekend, Lulus loves! While this Friday afternoon is winding down, we’re busy making mental plans for how to fill our much-needed time-off hours (#productivity). Need some inspo for what to do this weekend? We’ve got ya covered with little ways to make the most of your me-time. TGIF, babe.

Host brunch to watch the World Cup Finals

Embrace the weird timing of the World Cup Finals (starting at 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT on Sunday, July 15) and have some friends over for a fun-filled brunch to watch the game. Brew a pot of coffee, pour some OJ (Champagne optional), and set up an easy breakfast buffet with bagels and cream cheese, bacon, and fruit for a low-key meal. Or get totally into it and represent the competing countries with traditional breakfast foods from France and Croatia. Pick up some croissants and baguettes for team France and pair meats like prosciutto and salami with cheese and beer for a morning meal worthy of team Croatia (yes, we did have to Google traditional Croatian breakfast and yes, we want to try it). Sounds like breakfast #GOAAAAAAALS (sorry, we had to).

Clean your makeup brushes (and makeup bag)

Raise your hand if you’ve maybe–just maybe–gone a little bit too long between cleaning your makeup brushes. We’re not judging, we promise! While it’s recommended to clean your brushes at least once a week to prevent buildup and bacteria that can transfer to your face, we know sometimes it’s just easier to swipe on your highlight and go, without taking the time to suds up your brushes and sponges. This weekend we’re taking a few extra minutes after our makeup routine to clean our brushes and wipe down the inside of our makeup bag. You can use brush cleaner, gentle shampoo, or even olive oil and dish soap to get your brushes squeaky clean and ready for a flawless application come Monday morning, while a disinfecting wipe or soft cloth and natural cleaner can make your makeup bag feel so fresh and so clean.

Try a new drink

We can’t be the only ones guilty of sipping on the same flavor of sparkling water every afternoon or only ordering our go-to cocktail when we go out on the weekend. It’s comforting to know your tried-and-true faves are always there, but this weekend, we’re vowing to step ever-so-slightly out of our comfort zones to try something new (besides Croatian breakfast). Whether it’s simply choosing the key lime La Croix instead of the pamplemousse (baby steps, people) or going all out and mixing up a pitcher of a yummy cocktail or mocktail from our Happy Hour archives, trying something new is believed to have some major benefits for your happiness and wellbeing. Cocktails for your health? Yes, please.

What are you doing this weekend? Tell us your plans in the comments below and share your weekend #ootd on Instagram @lulus with #lovelulus.