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News1-2-3-4, Paris Declares a Post-it War!

 I’m staring at a colorful block of Post-its right this very moment, wondering,”Why didn’t I think of that?”
You may not have heard on the news, but there is a war raging in Paris, and it’s spreading across Europe as we speak. The weapon of choice: Post-it notes, with a hearty helping of serious creativity.
 It all began with video game developer Ubisoft, then the battle quickly caught on between neighboring office buildings, and the rest is history.

Most of the subjects of choice revolve around video games (starting with Mario and friends) and cartoons, though a few brave souls have expanded the selection of characters to include some unexpected faces. All you fashionistas out there ought to appreciate this particular homage to designers Jean Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld, and Sonia Rykiel (below).

Other popular characters: Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Tetris, and my personal favorite, Angry Birds.

Though, the pièce de résistance has to be this multi-story masterpiece:

There are loads more pictures to see online, so check out Post-It War (updated daily!), though I had the best luck sifting through the facebook page.
 So now, I’m looking out the giant windows here at LuLu*s, and I’m considering my own, harmless little declaration of war… 

NewsBe a JC Girl!

We all love Jeffrey Campbell, right?
Well, now you have just a little bit more reason to love ol’ Jeffy, because you are invited to be a JC Girl!

Just follow these few steps located on the new JC Girl Scout box and voila!

Check out the JC Girls page, and shop Jeffrey Campbell for the perfect new pair to wear in your picture! Outlet Sale!!!

Hey ladies and most loyal customers!
We just wanted to give you all the heads up on our annual outlet sale taking place next week!
And Enter our $100 Raffle!!!!!
When: Sat. March 26, 2011 & Sun. March 27, 2011
Where: 117 W. 7th St. in Downtown Chico, CA between Main and Broadway across from Tin Roof Bakery
Time: 9 am
*All Sales are Final*Cash Only*
* A portion of the proceeds from the sale will go to Rosedale Elementary School. Rosedale is a magnet school for Spanish Two Way Immersion. The school’s mission is to “provide a culture of lifelong learning for all students through dual immersion.”
We know that many of you are out in the far reaches, but if you are anywhere nearby, gather up the girlfriends and spend a day in lovely downtown Chico!!

NewsFestive Friday at LuLu*s!!

This is a shot of all of the ladies dressed up for Festive Friday today! 

Brittany is even holding up our warehouse mistletoe!

Happy Holiday’s and we hope you have a GREAT weekend!

NewsLuLu*s Jeffrey Campbell Sample Sale!

 Dreaming of a Jeffrey Campbell Christmas? 

Well, we have the perfect way to make your dreams come true. You can get that special someone a Jeffrey Campbell gift or get yourself that reward for all your hard work this year! We are offering final sale of 50% off on all of the Jeffrey Campbell’s used in our Lookbook photo shoots. This means that some of them are slightly damaged with a small scuff or the tread is a tiny bit worn from the model posing at the photo shoot. None of these shoes are damaged beyond wear-ability and to be honest you probably won’t even be able to tell they’ve ever been worn by anyone before!

Jeffrey Campbell Sample Sale Cherie Grey Suede Platform Boots

FINAL SALE! Size 8 $109.50 

Only worn once in LuLu*s photoshoot! 


– Minor marks on toes of both shoes (won’t be seen when worn because toes will cover)

– Minor wear on bottoms of shoes


Jeffrey Campbell Sample Sale Tick Cork Nude Perforated Wedge

FINAL SALE! Size 8.5 $69.50

Only worn once for LuLu*s Photoshoot!

– Minor wear on bottoms of shoes
– Tiny spot on back of left shoe next to zipper, barely noticeable
– Slight crease from wear
– Zippers slightly difficult to zip and unzip


Jeffrey Campbell Sample Sale Lita Paisley Lace Up Platform

FINAL SALE! Size 7 $70

Only worn once for LuLu*s photoshoot!


– Minor wear on bottoms of shoes

– Black mark on inside heel of left shoe

Jeffrey Campbell Sample Sale Frack Nude Leather Metallic Boots

FINAL SALE! Size 8 $84.50

Only worn once for LuLu*s photoshoot!


– Minor wear on bottoms of shoes

– Tiny lines on inside sole of left shoe

– Minor creasing on right shoes from wear

Jeffrey Campbell Sample Sale Sandie Tan Leather Knee High Boot

FINAL SALE! Size 40 $112.5

Only worn once in LuLu*s photoshoot!


– Minor wear on bottoms of shoes

– Tiny black mark on inside of left boot

– Tiny black scuff on outside of right boot near front

Jeffrey Campbell Sample Sale Bjork Tan Suede Fur Buckled Boot

FINAL SALE! Size 6 $110.50

Only worn once in LuLu*s photoshoot!


– Minor wear on bottoms of shoes

– Small glue spot on inside of right shoe toward heel

– Minor discoloration on wood heel at the back of right shoe


And with that, we wish you a very, merry, Jeffrey Campbell Sample Sale kind of holiday!!