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NewsBehind the Scenes Webisode 1: Matt the Inventory King!!


This is our inventory king, Matt.

Here are a few pictures and a video introducing Matt to all of our lovely ladies buying cute dresses from us!

Sometimes Matt finds pieces and puts outfits together for fun and he is even willing to give us much needed styling advice for our own wardrobes. 

Another hobby of Matt’s is costume making.

Below is an example of Matt’s robot dance in his custom made robot costumes.

 Keep posted for more in-house behind the scenes webisodes introducing the people at the warehouse!

NewsEURO TRIP: Day Trip to Venice and Learn to Speak Italian!

After staying in Milan for a few days Chelsea and I headed out for a day trip to Venice. From Milan, Venice is about a 3 1/2 hour train ride. It makes for a long day but it is so worth it! 

It was a super hot day so we walked around until we got tired enough to stop and take in the sights.

I highly recommend sitting on the steps of where the Grand Canal flows out to the ocean for this!

One of my favorite things about Venice are the textures and colors of the walls and shutters.

I could stare at the stained and distressed paint all day!

Chelsea couldn’t resist picking up a masquerade mask and trying it on!

 Every time I go to Venice I can’t believe that the guys in the gondolas actually wear the striped shirts and hats like you imagine them wearing as a kid!

One last thing about going to Italy…

If you are going there and don’t speak the language then you should check out these free language videos made by Girls4Teaching. They are funny and down right cheesy but will prepare you for some begining Italian!

NewsWarehouse Webisodes: Sneak Peek!

We thought it’d be fun to bring forward and introduce some of our life at the warehouse to our customers in a series of behind the scenes webisodes!

Here is the sneak peek video to the upcoming webisode series where we will introduce behind the scenes of our team to you.

Keep posted for weekly updates introducing the different people and departments within the warehouse that work together to get you your clothes!!

NewsEURO TRIP: Cinque Terre, Italia!

Ciao ciao ciao from Italy!! After Croatia, Chelsea and I headed over to Italy.

We flew to Pisa for the night, where we stayed long enough to see the leaning tower, and then jetted over to the West coast.

Our destination was Riomaggiore located in the sleepy coastal towns of Cinque Terre (translates as the five lands in English). The Cinque Terre are five small towns connected by hiking paths. Tourists and backpackers go there to spend the day hiking and swimming in the summer heat.


The trails wind along the coastline and are set into the steep hillside making for one of the most beautiful hikes you could imagine.

Above is the quaint harbor you walk through to get to the water where there is a nice pebble beach. Below Chelsea is wearing the Pamela Body Suit by Alternative Apparel tucked into a high waisted skirt and some sandals from!

 We happened to arrive in Italy in the middle of an intense heat wave so me and Chelsea made sure we kept cool eating lots of Gelato! 

 When the sun set over the ocean it was a remarkable view that we won’t soon forget.

NewsEURO TRIP: Night Life in Hvar, Croatia!

One of my favorite things about going out in new places is dressing up and the nights spent in Hvar, Croatia on my holiday to Europe were just perfect! It was warm enough for dresses but cool enough for jeans and I finally got to wear my Machinery Dress by RVCA

We sported our gladiator sandals with jeans and got to wear our Collective Concepts patterned dresses with brightly painted fingernails and wedged sandals.

Keep in mind that when you’re on vacation you can literally wear whatever you like and you don’t have to see anyone ever again if you don’t want to!!


Chelsea and I went out to a lovely dinner alongside the harbor with our friend Alex (whom we met on the ferry). They enjoyed sea food while I ate some Italian inspired gnocchi (a potato dumpling pasta type thing that is amazing!!). 


 After dinner we went out for drinks at “the” Carpe Diem Bar overlooking the water in the harbor. 

 Here we are sporting and Claire Fong exclusive earrings with our new friends!


On our second night after spending a wonderful day in the sun we went out to a small night club tucked into the hillside of Hvar and just a short (5 min) walk from the harbor where all the restaurants and bars are. 

I wore the Bamboo Sherry 75 Sand Wedge Me in Cuffed Thongs both nights and they were totally easy to walk and dance in.  

And last but not least the song below followed us from dinner to bar to night club throughout Hvar and I couldn’t help but share it with you guys!