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NewsEURO TRIP: Night Life in Hvar, Croatia!

One of my favorite things about going out in new places is dressing up and the nights spent in Hvar, Croatia on my holiday to Europe were just perfect! It was warm enough for dresses but cool enough for jeans and I finally got to wear my Machinery Dress by RVCA

We sported our gladiator sandals with jeans and got to wear our Collective Concepts patterned dresses with brightly painted fingernails and wedged sandals.

Keep in mind that when you’re on vacation you can literally wear whatever you like and you don’t have to see anyone ever again if you don’t want to!!


Chelsea and I went out to a lovely dinner alongside the harbor with our friend Alex (whom we met on the ferry). They enjoyed sea food while I ate some Italian inspired gnocchi (a potato dumpling pasta type thing that is amazing!!). 


 After dinner we went out for drinks at “the” Carpe Diem Bar overlooking the water in the harbor. 

 Here we are sporting and Claire Fong exclusive earrings with our new friends!


On our second night after spending a wonderful day in the sun we went out to a small night club tucked into the hillside of Hvar and just a short (5 min) walk from the harbor where all the restaurants and bars are. 

I wore the Bamboo Sherry 75 Sand Wedge Me in Cuffed Thongs both nights and they were totally easy to walk and dance in.  

And last but not least the song below followed us from dinner to bar to night club throughout Hvar and I couldn’t help but share it with you guys! 

NewsLadies, Welcome to Fight Club


“The first rule of Fight Club is, one never mentions Fight Club. No corsets, no hat pins and no crying.”
If you’re a fan of Jane Austen’s novels like me, then you’re going to go crazy over this mock trailer for “Jane Austen’s Fight Club.”
Going viral on the internet, this hilarious spoof is modeled, almost clip for clip, after the original Fight Club trailer. This time, however, Tyler Durden and the boys are replaced by Lizzy Bennet and her prim, 19th century comrades who get down and dirty on the well-manicured lawns outside their manor houses. 
Now, I only wish it was going to be made into a real movie…

NewsEURO TRIP: First Stop Croatia!


I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE to travel. Although it costs me an arm and a leg (quite literally) I really don’t care and I am always headed out the door for some new place searching for some new adventure. This year one of my dear friends Serine, one of the first employees and models moved away to begin a life in London and I decided I had to go visit her. Ironic that I only ended up in London for two days with her but I will be back to visit the UK soon enough!

SO, after spending all of my precious pennies on self indulgent adventures around the world I am here to show you just how important traveling is!! 

FIRST STOP: Zadar, Croatia

DAY 1: 

I arrived in London to meet up with my traveling companion Chelsea after she’d just spent two weeks volunteering in rural Kenya. After being in London for a quick few hours Chelsea and I got on the plane (we highly recommend Ryanair for this!) and flew on over to Zadar, Croatia. After finally arriving at our hostel (book these at we went to dinner in a tiny coastal town overlooking a very quaint harbor. 

Below is a picture of the harbor that welcomed us upon our arrival in Hvar, Croatia. 

DAY 2:

We head down the coast from Zadar to catch a ferry at our next destination in Split, Croatia after a night of much needed rest (I had been traveling without sleep for 2 days). FYI it takes about 1:30 hours to get from Zadar to Split where there are ferries that leave all the time to the islands nearby. Our destination was the island Hvar (well known for its night life and beautiful beaches). The ferry from Split to Hvar was a quick hour long ride through islands and right alongside the scenic coastline. 

Below is the view from the balcony at our hostel (Orange Hostel) and a pic of the gorgeously clear water!

Chelsea and I at lunch in the piazza before heading out to the beach! (Yes we are wearing all cute dresses as bathing suit cover ups!)

I should have been more specific about the “beach” in Croatia because the beach there isn’t sandy and white like those in California but rocky and reefy. It makes for a little discomfort when trying to get in and out of the water however, its too beautiful to care!!

This is Chelsea basking in the sun and floating in the crystal clear water at the same time! The water is so salty that you literally float like a floaty toy!

One of the beach bars with sun bathing chairs galore!

OK ladies after seeing these pictures of the first two days in Croatia who isn’t tempted to head on over to Hvar for a week of summer fun??? 

Keep posted for more pictures of night life in Croatia, as well as from Italy, London, and Chelsea’s trip to Kenya!

NewsLet Your Inner Geek Out!

Costumes, Gamers, and Nerds OH MY!  It’s official, Comic-Con has hit San Diego!
For those of you who don’t know, Comic-Con is a four day sci-fi convention where people from all over come to find out about the latest comic book, gaming, TV, and movie news. Here are a couple of the main projects that will be featured this year:
“The Green Lantern”
 Green is the IT color next summer! Adapted from the comic book, The Green Lantern follows Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), a test pilot who’s been chosen for recruitment by the elite Green Lantern Corps. The Green Lantern Corps is a group of space cops who wear rings that give them “out of this world” powers (like flying!) to help keep peace in our universe.  Also featured in the movie is love interest Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) and super villain Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard). There’s a lot of high hopes for this planned trilogy due June 17, 2011.
“Sucker Punch”
From the guy who brought you “300,” comes Sucker Punch, the story about a girl who’s sent to an insane asylum by her evil step father.  While there she dreams up an alternate universe which features kick-butt girls (they trained with Navy Seals!), zombies, dragons, etc. The movie features a lot of familiar faces like Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, and Jena Malone. On March 25, 2011, look for this girl empowering, super natural movie.
 The dynamic British duo that brought us laughs with “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz” are back and this time with ALIENS! Simon Pegg and Nick Frost star as two nerds who road trip across America to various UFO tourists spots and conventions (including Comic-Con!). Of course, on their list is Area 51, where they meet an alien, who they name Paul. Get ready for this comedic adventure on March 18, 2011!
 “The Walking Dead”
AMC has brought us classics like “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad”, now they’re coming out with a new show called “The Walking Dead.”  Any guesses as to what the show is about? After an undead apocalypse, people a forced to figure out what to do with their lives. The new show based off of the comic book premires October 2010!
“Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 Motion Comic”
 Before Twilight, there was Buffy. Yes, I admit it, I was a huge fan of the show and now it’s back for an encore. The show’s creator Joss Whedon has been writing this comic-book series and now with it coming to an end this September, the comic book is being made into a series out on DVD this fall. 
Are you keeping up with the Comic-Con News?  What upcoming show or movie are you looking forward to the most?

NewsNew from Jeffrey Campbell!


Get ready for envious stares, double takes and, of course, compliments. The much anticipated Lita from Jeffrey Campbell has finally arrived at! This hot leather lace-up bootie comes in a rich shade of mustard yellow with sweet caramel shading (pictured below). Dream up all sorts of ways to sport this shoe around town, but don’t dream too long – this baby is going fast. 

Check out new fall styles “On The Run” in Jeffrey Campbell’s very first music video below! 

On The Run Jeffrey Campbell F/W 2010 from andrea cruz on Vimeo.