Don’t you just love then and nows? Me too.
For today’s edition, I’ve compiled a list of some of the top child stars who survived their kiddie fame, battled their demons, and actually still have a flourishing career.

As the lovable Gertie from E.T., Miss Barrymore has come a long way to star in myriad films like He’s Just Not that Into You and 50 First Dates.
From  What’s Eating Gilbert Grape to Titantic to The Departed, Leo ain’t goin’ anywhere anytime soon.
You might remember her from Casper or the Addams Family? Perhaps more recently, she’s the star of Penelope and a lead in the new Pan Am series.
 Little House on the Prairie certainly agreed with him, but Jason Bateman has proven his myriad skills in recent films like Horrible Bosses and Up in the Air.
Hearthrob Ryan Gosling made his debut at age 12 on the Mickey Mouse Club, and we’ve come to love him in The Notebook and Blue Valentine.
Oh, Natalie, how do you do it? Beautiful, talented, and she can speak Hebrew. She starred in her first film, Leon:  The Professional in 1994 and rocked the world with Black Swan in 2010.
I seriously hope I age this well. Beginning off as a Coppertone girl in commercials, Foster went on to make many movies, including Silence of the Lambs,  and most recently Flightplan and Panic Room.
You might remember her from Married with Children? This beautiful and funny actress will always remain in my heart for Anchorman and The Sweetest Thing.
Anybody love The Goonies? I love me some Sam from Lord of the Rings.
While the unforgettable Doogie Houser, M.D. may have left behind his stethescope, Neil Patrick Harris is still taking names with shows like How I Met Your Mother and the recently Beastly film. 

Maybe this will give you some inspiration, LiLo?  We loved you in Mean Girls…
(All pics courtesy of Googles Images.)