Okay, guys, let’s talk Oscars. Did any of you watch last night?
First of all, there seemed to be a very strong tribute to the red carpet, with several stars flaunting their version of that classic crimson.
Radiant in Red
Jennifer Lawrence went for a more casual, effortless look, while Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway glammed it up a bit more with strapless cuts and red lipstick.
Feathered Friends
Halle Berry and Hillary Swank pull off this look so elegantly it doesn’t even look like they’re trying. Jealous!
Finally, my favorites. It was hard to narrow it down to the top three, but after a bowl of praline ice cream and much debate, here are my picks.
Mila Kunis continues to rock, well, pretty much everything, and this gorgeous lavender dress doesn’t disappoint. Reese Witherspoon is just classicallly gorgeous in this strapless number (secretly, I think it was my favorite of the night), and her makeup was just glowing in her interviews. And then, the lovely Hailee Steinfeld. This girl is just adorable! After watching her red carpet interview, I was wowed both by her humble, excited spirit as well as by this princess gown.
I always hate doing the worst bit, because I love all these actresses. Sadly, it has to be done. 
Amy Adams’ glittery blue high-neck gown with weird non-matching necklace did nothing for her arms or her figure. Sorry Amy! And oh, Melissa Leo. This poor dress reminded me of a doily with tinfoil accents. Sad. Finally, I actually really like Marisa Tomei’s dress, but it fit her soooooo terribly and awkwardly that she made the list.
These last three have me unsure. 
On the Fence
I loved the Cate Blanchett’s hair, makeup, and skirt, but the bodice of her dress looked like something out of a future space queen novel. Also, I wanted to love Nicole Kidman’s white strapless dress, but what is going on with those weird hip accents? Anne Hathaway’s blue dress and hair were stunning, but I can’t decide if I like the weird shiny material or not.
Your turn! Do you agree with my choices? Which were your worst and best?