From Meangirls to The Notebook to Wedding Crashers to The Time Traveler’s Wife, the gorgeous Rachel McAdams continues to wow us with her engaging beauty.
As the cover girl for InStyle’s November 2010 issue, McAdams goes for a glamorous, retro look. Wow!

“I can’t live without my concealer,” says McAdams. “And I used to be a total [freak] till my sister was like, “You have to stop. This is out of control.”


“I like to bring people together and then just sit back and watch them all interact,” says McAdams. “I don’t necessarily always like to be the performer.”

“My parents alway thought that I had a flair for drama. They said, ‘She’s going to be an actress of a lawyer, for sure.'”

“I’ve always liked dressing up. And I love a high heel — the higher the better. I just feel funny in flats.”
Any other McAdams fans out there? Who’s gone to see her new movie Morning Glory?