Never have I ever been so excited for a movie premiere than I am about this one. I’d say I’ve watched the original Wizard of Oz on VHS somewhere around a trillion times, give or take, complete with outdated TV commercials, because you know we recorded it straight from cable (don’t judge me, it was the 90’s. Rest assured, Warner Bros, I now own it on copyrighted DVD, so no hard feelings).

After 73 years, the story behind the wizard himself is finally coming to the big screen. I didn’t even realize all this magic was happening until I saw the trailer in theaters! This time around, Disney teamed with director Sam Raimi (Spider-Man!, The Evil Dead!) to bring Oz back to life, and they brought a few friends: we’re talking James Franco, Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis, and Rachel Weisz! Who knew that rickety old wizard looked like James Franco once upon a time…

Share in the excitement by checking out the trailer below!

(Images courtesy of Disney)