Every now and then, when the universe feels like being gracious, a truly beautiful man (er vampire… er dwarf?!) is sprung upon us.
And it’s often when we least expect it!
Case in point: Aidan Turner.

Age: 29
Born: June 19, 1983 in South Dublin, Ireland
Where you may know him: Currently starring as Kíli, a delectable dwarf in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.
Also played a vampiric babe with a taste for blood in the original British version of Being Human.
Upcoming: Aidan will star as Luke Garroway in the film adaptation of the popular young adult series The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Why We’re Crushin': Aside from the obvious curly locks, pouty lips, and those eyes (Oh, those eyes!), this handsome Irishman has some serious acting chops. Whether he’s playing a tortured, brooding vampire or a cheerful resident of Middle-earth, he is both captivating, convincing, and utterly dreamy. We are more than thrilled that he is signed on for not one but two sequels to The Hobbit, because the big screen does Aidan Turner gooooood.

Images courtesy of randomnies.blogspot.comcollider.com.