This week, we’re crushing bad on a triple-threat of zombie-hunting, life-saving, all around hot-having guys.
Not tuning into ‘Walking Dead’ yet? Let us give you three MAJOR reasons why it should be your new favorite show.

The Fearless Leader – Rick Grimes
Played by Andrew Lincoln

Who doesn’t like a man that takes charge? Rick Grimes is a man on a mission to keep his family and newfound friends alive, no matter the cost.

The Knight in Shining Poncho – Daryl Dixon
Played by Norman Reedus

The unexpected hero, Daryl is always there to rescue the damsel in distress, and even take care of a crying baby. Seriously.

The Scapegoat – Glenn Rhee
Played by Steven Yeun

Glenn is always the first to put himself on the line for the good of his fellow survivors, and he somehow always narrowly escapes, making him simply irresistible. Especially to zombies.

Need more reasons to tune in on Sunday?
We didn’t think so.

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