Anyone who’s ever been to the Lulus warehouse will know that there are a LOT of girls here. In fact, out of all the employees who work here, the girls outnumber the guys 12 to 1. All the guys who work here are awesome, but the ratio is a little low; sometimes I just need an extra dose of manliness in my life.
And so . . . without futher ado, I bring you two guys with special swoon appeal.
Exhibit A:
The first, you probably know. Otherwise known as Joe Manganiello, he is best known for his role as the hunky werewolf Alcide on HBO’s True Blood. He’s also starred in How I Met Your Mother, Spider-Man 2&3, One Tree Hill, and a bunch of other movies and TV shows. He is also known for his delicious abs.

Exhibit B
Jackson Hurst. If any of you watch Drop Dead Diva (you know who you are, fellow Netflix addicts), then you’ll know who I’m talking about. He plays the brooding lawyer Grayson Kent and looks damn fine in a suit. You might have also seen him in the 2011 A Bird of the Air, or last year’s new series Unforgettable.
Both of these guys have seriously great hair! Yum! Anyway…um, moving on…
So do any of you have any unknown hotties we NEED to know about right now? If so, it is really your duty to tell us about them below. K thanks.