Well, they let her on Glee, so she must be doing something right. LiLo seems to be getting her act together, enough to have been cast as Liz Taylor for the upcoming Lifetime biopic Liz & Dick. It seems that executive director Larry Thompson has had to defend his decision, but it seems he may have made a pretty good one.

Not only did she play a fairly convincing portrayal of Elizabeth in a 2006 issue of Interview Magazine, but it turns out she and the Dame have a lot in common. The New York Times pointed this out: “Taylor, like Ms. Lohan, was in and out of the Betty Ford Center as she contended with drug and alcohol addiction. Both were child stars: Taylor had her film debut at 9, in There’s One Born Every Minute; Ms. Lohan at 12, in The Parent Trap. As a young woman, each had her brushes with the paparazzi.”

In the images above, Lohan models some of the costumes she’ll be wearing to channel her inner diva. The modern interpretations of some of Ms. Taylor’s most famous outfits are just as stunning as their original counterparts. 
Apparently, LiLo beat out other hopefuls like Megan Fox and Olivia Wilde, so they must have really wanted her!
Filming is scheduled to begin June 4, and apparently they are still hunting for the perfect Richard Burton to play opposite her. I, for one, hope it gets made, not only because I love Elizabeth Taylor, but because I’m rooting for the underdog here.
Anybody else with me? Or do you think this will be a total flop?
(Pics, quotes, and info courtesy of Daily Mail, Allie Is Wired, and the NY Times.)