I have a confession to make.

As much as I love all of the gorgeous party dresses we have here at Lulus, there is no way that I am going out in the rain and snow and subzero (okay 45 degrees) weather with just heels and a purse this New Years. I’m all about the getting dressed up, but I prefer not to be a human popsicle all night.

So, my resolution for this New Year’s Eve is to find something that looks cute and unique and hot and awesome…yet sends the shivers packing. 

Let’s go shopping!

Rihanna has this look in the bag! Wanna try it? Slip into glittery cute tank and then throw on the Tulle All Business Hazelnut Vegan Leather Jacket with some poppin’ red lipstick. Leather (vegan or real) always glams up an outfit in a snap! And ta-da! Retro, adorable, and warm!

More of a casual gal? Try Reese’s easy glam look:

Pair the Obey Fieldhouse Hooded Jacket with a lacy top and some jeweled sandals or cute flats for no-fuss New Years fashion that will keep you stylish and toasty for a night of celebration!

If the faux fur vest doesn’t scream New Years, I’m not sure what does! Kim Kardashian is pretty much wearing my ideal New Years look:  black (always hot), skinny pants (or a sparkly black skirt!), flowy top, and boots. Throw on the fuzzy Wooly Ma’am-eth Black and Grey Wool Vest and some dark eyeshadow, and you’ll be ready to watch the ball drop looking (and feeling) hot!

What do you guys think? Will you try these super hot (literally!) looks this New Years?