This week we got a little catty with our choice for our beloved Retro Fox spotlight. Whether you know her as the sweet and spicy singer/dancer/performer or for her rrrrrrr-ole as Catwoman, Eartha Kitt was really something spectacular.
Throughout the forties, Kitt (born Eartha Mae Keith) toured Europe and the U.S. becoming fluent in French and by 1953 released her timeless version of “Santa Baby”. The fifties brought Kitt to the big screen and from 1967-68 she replaced Julie Newmar in the television series, Batman.
Skin-tight was all right for Eartha Kitt! From this gorgeous printed mermaid gown to a boat-neck catsuit, Kitt balances hide-nothing curvature with elegant details. Oh, and don’t forget those nails!
Color-blocking, low necklines and stripes all work for this exotic damsel, with always just enough jewelry to spice things up! Hats off to Eartha Kitt!