Whether you’re a football fan or merely a Super Bowl spectator, you’ve probably heard the name Aaron Rodgers.
As MVP of yesterday’s Super Bowl, Aaron Rodgers has been making quite the stir lately, and no more so than in the quaint college town of Chico. Besides being home to the most fashionable site on the internet (yay Lulus!), Chico, California, is also Aaron’s birthplace and stomping grounds.
He attended Pleasant Valley High School from 1998 to 2002, and many of the girls here around the warehouse who went to school with him remember him as the boy next door, a truly caring guy who was friends with everybody and who didn’t let fame go to his head.
Above, on the right, is one of the girls (when she was much younger) behind the scenes at Trucker Deluxe (a menswear online site, also based in Chico) with Aaron Rodgers at a Pleasant Valley High football game in 2006!
Born December 2, 1983, this hometown hottie attended our local community college before being recruited by the University of California, Berkeley, where he played three impressive years before foregoing his senior year to enter the 2005 NFL Draft. After several years as second quarterback to Brett Favre, Aaron’s now at the top of his game as the starting quarterback for Green Bay Packers.

To make his day even better, word on the street is that Aaron’s rumored to be dating Gossip Girl Jessica Szohr.  Anybody else jealous?!
Good job Aaron! You make Chico proud!