Oh my goodness . . . can Zooey Deschanel do no wrong?
Of all the things I look forward to in life, new television programs don’t typically make the cut. It’s true that I recently stumbled upon the horribly wonderful reality show Love in the Wild and bring it up at work EVERY Thursday morning, but new television shows can all-too-often be such unfulfilling forms of entertainment that they often slip from their time slots without anyone (espcially me) noticing.
However, big screen starlet, Zooey Deschanel, paying me a visit on those dreary Tuesday nights sounds almost too good to be true! Hello New Girl!

The Gist: The quirky and “adorkable” Jess (Deschanel) finds new roommates after experiencing a traumatic and rather odd break-up. Each with their own distinct personalities, the three male roomies reluctantly take her in and help her get back in the game. Together, along with Jess’s professional model BF, form a happily dysfunctional (and hopefully hilarious) family. Check out the trailer below:

Fun Fact: Besides being the obvious star of New Girl, Zooey also wrote and recorded the show’s theme song!
New Girl premieres Tuesday, Sept. 20th at 9:00pm on FOX.
Anyone else looking forward to the New Girl?