Classic stories seem to linger; an old paperback you once glanced at the book store, or a bit of a movie you saw once on TV long ago sticks to you with a distant familiarity. 
Having long ago heard of True Grit (the classic western film starring John Wayne) I guess I never actually got around to watching it OR reading the novel written by Charles Portis in 1968 . . . and I’m so glad I didn’t!
Last Saturday, a simple date night to the movies yielded an amazingly heroic and inspiring tale, along with, I think my favorite new actress, Hailee Steinfeld!!!

Co-starring with Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges, Hailee goes far beyond just holding her own amongst these Hollywood all-stars. Her quick-witted character and sense of strength build an intriguing persona that is as lovable as she is admirable. It’s no wonder why True Grit 2010 held top sales at the box office last weekend!

Not only does Steinfeld know how to ride, she did many of her own stunts and pulls off her character, Mattie Ross, with absolute believability. Here’s Hailee winning us over with her passion and endurance on the path to avenge her father’s death!
Behind the scenes with Ethan and Joel Coen, the directors of True Grit 2010.
Added Bonus: Past the pioneer duds, it turns out that Hailee is one cute little cupcake!
Here she is in New York City with Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges.
Hailee with Justin Timberlake at an LA screening of True Grit 2010.

p.s. I hear Haille will be presenting an award at the Golden Globe Awards this Sunday!!

What’s your take? Did you love this movie, the original, or the book the best?