Vampire fever is everywhere.

Between the Twilight saga, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries it’s seems there are a ton of celebrities posed as vampires out there.

Now, I may be out of line here, but perhaps there are a few big names out there who aren’t just acting?

Here in the warehouse we have pinpointed a few celebrities who may just be the real thing!!!!


How about the severe Angelina Jolie, or former star of  90’s cult classic “The Craft”, Fairuza Balk?
Too obvious?

What about Sean “Vamp Daddy” Combs and NBA legend Patrick Ewing?
(They almost look like they could be in some sort of sinister vampire standoff right now!)

The fabulous (and questionable) Tori Amos, and Edward Norton.
Don’t they look hungry?

Who are your vampire picks?