<!–I am finally coming out and admitting that I am a HUGE fan of the television show True Blood. I had not grasped the “cool factor” of the vampire trend until I started watching this show. Now however, I have become enthralled with vampires and True Blood.

In this show, the charming Anna Paquin plays Sookie Stackhouse who is, among other things, a true Southern belle. Sookie is a barmaid at a local restaurant (who happens to be able to read minds) and she falls in love with Vampire Bill when he stops into the restaurant for some “True Blood” (synthetic vampire blood).

Soon enough, the darling and naive Sookie finds herself smack dab in the middle of a human vs. vampire war. Sookie finds herself in a difficult position as a mortal in a war of immortals! However, Sookie manages to stay alive through the second season without becoming a vampire.

I recommend this show for anyone who likes a little bit of action (fighting), a little bit of drama, and of course vampires!! Season three of True Blood premiers June 13th, so remember to watch out for it or for vampires on the loose!

 Sookie is not only pretty but she also wears the cutest floral dresses I’ve yet to see. Here she sits with Bill at a vampire bar in a red and pink floral halter dress. Sookie doesn’t seem to mind that she is the only one that hangs out with vampires that doesn’t wear all black!

For a Sookie Stackhouse look, I’d go for any of our floral sun dresses. The Earth First in Mauve and Black as well as the Prarie Companion Dress would be great choices for a genuine Sookie look!