It seems the whole world has been bit by a zombie these days. Somehow, the zombie has become downright loveable and we see the genre spread across movies, television and games. It’s not even that uncommon to come upon somebody dressed like a zombie in your hometown.
But I’m here to tell you the real story. Besides being overrun by vampires and werewolves, Hollywood has also become increasingly overrun by zombies. Let me give it to you straight.
Christopher Walken has not been caught up in the aging process so much as he has been taking on unique characteristics of the undead. Sylvester Stallone, too, has obviously been transformed into a zombie as his heavy use of pancake make-up could have only been applied by a mortician.
Is that Courtney Love with no make-up on or is she really part of the vast majority of walking dead in Hollywood? And Britney, the poor girl, little did we know what she was REALLY going through.
Cory Kennedy looks like she could use late night snack, and Maria Shriver, well I really have to give it to her, she’s the most well-spoken zombie person out there.  
Have you seen any zombies in YOUR hometown?