Happy Thursday lovely Lulus ladies! Today I have a really special treat for you!
The amazingly beautiful and talented Evelina Barry is here to share a fabulous new hair tutorial that she’s created specifically for all of you!
Like this look? Here are her instructions:
Lauren Conrad Signature Bun

Lauren Conrad is famous for her chic and elegant hairstyles. I’ve gotten a lot of requests on recreating this bun after wearing it in my back to school styling video. It is very simple and you can dress it up or down by adding hair accessories. Enjoy!

1.    Brush your hair thoroughly to make sure it’s tangle free.
2.    Put your hair in a high ponytail.
3.    Lightly tease the ponytail. This will give volume to your bun as well as tame down those stubborn layers.
4.    Lightly twist your hair and wrap it around the crown of your head. Use bobby pins to pin it down and hide any sticking out strands.
5.    Use hair spray to ensure it will hold for the rest of the day.
6.    Add a headband or any hair accessory that you like.

We’re all finished. Enjoy your quick and elegant Lauren Conrad inspired hairdo!

If you want a little extra help, check out the video for more tips!

Originally from the Eastern European country of Moldova, Evelina moved to the United States right after high school to pursue her passion for art and a degree in interior design. Along the way, she met her husband Daniel and celebrated an incredible fairy-tale themed wedding in Laguna Beach, CA. (Check out her wedding video here. So beautiful!)
“One of the best experiences that happened to me while being in the States,” she says, “was to discover the Youtube beauty community and start sharing my passion for art, beauty, and fashion with the world. I can finally say that I truly love what I do. (I know, we Europeans are cheesy:))” 
Want more tutorials and videos? Check out her YouTube channel and her blog, or find her on Twitter and Facebook!