If you may have noticed, Lulus.com is currently hosting an amazing contest featuring the band Never Shout Never. We thought we would give you a little introduction to the band, in case you haven’t heard of them yet!

Never Shout Never was started by Christofer Drew Ingle (above) out of Joplin, MO where he released his first EP through Myspace (remember that?). After touring with several bands, Never Shout Never was signed to Warner Bros. Records and released their first album, What is Love? in January 2010. What made this band stand out for us was not only their music, but their philanthropy and willingness to help others. During the Harmony Tour, they had their fans gather and donate food to help those in need.
Today is the release of the third studio album, Time Travel, which you can purchase over at iTunes. You can also win tickets to the Time Travel Tour, as well as a $500 shopping spree to Lulus.com. Head over to our contest page, or check out the details below to enter!