This December we created a Golden Ticket worth an $1000 shopping spree and packed it up into one random order. Last week, HopeEllen Philpot of Greenville, South Carolina came forward as the winner!!!!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is HopeEllen Philpot, I’m 19 and I live in Greenville, South Carolina. I am currently a sophomore at Clemson University, studying Health Science. I am a Tri Delta at Clemson and I work at a clothing store called Pink Bee located in Downtown Greenville. I am the third oldest child in a family of seven children and we all have double names (ex: Kirby-Annah, PollyRose, and ElizaPearl) so we’re pretty Southern. I love to run, play soccer and tennis, and paint. I love clothes and I love love LOOOOVE Lulus!!!
What was your reaction when you found the Golden Ticket in your package?
When I found the Golden Ticket my first reaction was that it wasn’t real. I wasn’t even aware that the contest was going on so I thought there must have been some catch to it. The ticket said that a customer service representative would be contacting me shortly, and when my phone began to ring and the area code for Chico, CA came up, I knew that it wasn’t a dream; it was a dream come true. Ha-ha! After telling my 4 other sisters, though, it was a knock down drag out for who would be allowed to share in my winnings . . . not so sure about that ha-ha-ha.
What items on are you thinking about ordering with your winnings?
I’m a huge fan of Lulus cute tops with the cutout designs in the back and I also loooove all of the cute dresses, so I think that’s where most of my money will go. All of Lulus accessories are really versatile too, so I might use some of the money to update the accessory portion of my wardrobe! I’m so excited and thankful to be the winner of the Golden Ticket, now I just have to bring myself to making decisions on how to spend it because everything’s so cute!!! 
Thanks HopeEllen and enjoy your Shopping Spree!!
Have YOU ever won a contest with us? Tell us about it in the comments below!