You’re just a few easy steps away from a DIY masterpiece! These cheerful fabric covered pots can hold flowers, craft supplies, pens and pencils, or whatever strikes your fancy!DIY

What You Need: Clay Flower Pot, Fabric (Tip: you can even use an old dress or shirt!), Mod Podge, Brush or Sponge Brush, Scissors.

Step 1) Cut the fabric to fit around the pot. Put Mod Podge on one end of the fabric and glue it to the pot.

Step 2) After the edge dries, spread Mod Podge on the rest of the pot and carefully smooth the fabric over it.

Step 3) Cut slits in the fabric around the top.

Step 4) Glue the ends of the fabric to the inside of the pot.

Let it dry, and enjoy the loveliness!