Follow this cute and simple DIY on how to make a dreamcatcher for a seasonal spin on a long-loved craft project! With a simple twist of wire (and a few dozen knots) you’ll have as many adorable heart-shaped dreamcatchers as your heart desires. This is seriously the perfect project for girls’ night, and will add to your Boho decor long past V-day.

how to make a dreamcatcher


– Yarn or Thread (I used inexpensive cotton yarn for this project, but many types of yarn or waxed thread work well too!)
– Thick Floral Wire
– Beads
– Pliers
– Scissors


1. Cut a length of floral wire and bend into a heart shape; twist together at the center. Securely tie the end of your yarn around the twisted center, now loop and tie a simple knot every one or two inches around the perimeter of the heart.

2. Once you have made your way around the heart once, start adding knots to the center of each length of yarn. Repeat this pattern until you reach the center of the heart.

3. To add beads, thread them onto your yarn between knots. (Tip: if your yarn is multiple strands like ours, you can separate out one ply and thread the bead on.)

4. Finish the center by tying a double knot, and clip off excess yarn.

5. To add a hanger, tie a length of yarn securely around the center twist, then wrap the twist several times for a finished look!

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