wearing white during the fall

Giving up white after Labor Day? LOL, pass. The time for following this outdated fashion rule has long passed. And thank goodness, because the gettings are so good for fall. Sure, you may not be stepping out in a linen sundress to go pumpkin picking but there are plenty of ways to wear white after Labor Day that feel seasonable and stylish. Textured knits, long sleeve blouses with special details, wool-blend skirts, ankle boots, and even jeans (yes, you should absolutely wear white jeans this fall), make for autumn-appropriate wear: It’s all in how you style them.

So how to do the white-after-Labor-Day thing? An easy way to lean in is to choose pieces with some texture: Snake-embossed leather, ruffly lace, corduroy, and chunky knits all have a distinctly non-summer feel. Wear your whites, creams, ecrus, and bone tones mixed with more traditional fall staples like plaid, dark leather, and leopard print or do the head-to-toe white look — just make sure to mix materials to add dimension and depth.

How you wear white this season is up to you. Anchor a short white dress with tall leather or suede boots. Mix a silky white blouse with tweed pants or rock your white boots with an oversized sweater and jeans. Whether you opt for just a touch or a full-on statement, go ahead and crush those rules for good with these white hot fall finds ahead.

how to wear white for fall

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Image via @taliacupcake