If you’ve ever been late because you were tearing your closet apart looking for your favorite top, it’s time to do some reorganizing. Cleaning out your closet for the new season definitely helps but making sure everything has its place and maximizing whatever space you’ve got will ensure everything you’ve kept is actually put to good use. You may want to pick up a hobby, because with the closet organization tips ahead you’re going to find yourself with a whole lot of extra time.

1. Keep it Categorized

It can be tempting to color coordinate but you’re better off grouping like items together. Hang all tops together, all pants together, and so on — then feel free to color code within each grouping.

2. Hang Bags on the Door 

Bags are better off where you can see them — instead of stacking them inside of each other or leaving them around your house (and forgetting where you put them), try hanging hooks on the inside of your closet door (as long as it’s not a sliding door). Choosing the style that goes with your outfit will be that much easier and you’ll free up space.

3. Try Double-Duty Storage

Another way to maximize the space in your closet and keep things organized: Look for a taller, narrow shelf that can hold shoes as well other accessories like clutches or jewelry. This example from Good Housekeeping shows how you can make room for shoes and create a cute vanity with one stylish shelf.

4. Add a Pretty Mirror

Hang a stylish mirror in your closet to make checking out your look quicker and easier. You’ll be more likely to put something back in its proper place after ruling it out, and your space will just feel more inspiring.

5.  Hang Your Belts

Don’t throw them in a drawer. Instead, hang a row of hooks in your closet and hang them neatly where they’re easily visible.

6. Become Label Obsessed

Store non-hanging and out-of-season pieces in pretty boxes, then label each box (socks, scarves, etc.) You’ll be less likely to just toss loose items any old place and lose them.

7. Use All Available Space

Stack pieces you don’t need currently in boxes up top above your clothing rod — this will keep them safe and out of the way until it’s time to put them back in the rotation (make sure to keep a step stool handy). Utilize the side walls, as well:  Hang small rods to keep your sunnies organized — and in eye view.

Which tips are you using? Tell us in the comments!