New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be complete life overhauls. They can be as simple as trying a new wardrobe hack. In fact, when you set smaller, more doable goals, you’re actually setting yourself up for success. So for 2018, commit to refreshing your look in easy but impactful ways.  Not sure where to start? Below, check out 8 style resolutions you can master to make this your most fashionable year yet.

1. Try something in yellow.

style resolutions - yellow

Lavender isn’t the only MVP hue for spring. Brighten up with a pop of color in a sunny shade for an instant update.

2. Treat leopard like a neutral.

style resolutions - leopard

Instead of black, tan, grey, or brown, reach for a leopard print and watch your look come to life. As seen on @laurenbeluxe.

3. Mix prints.

style resolutions - mix prints

Solids are just so…safe. Kick your wardrobe up a notch and wear your florals, stripes, plaids with, well, other florals, stripes, and plaids.

4. Rock an 80’s inspired sparkly earring.

style resolutions - rhinestone earrings

We told you: Rhinestones are back. So go ahead and switch out your boho for bling this spring.

5. Go clear.

style resolutions - clear shoes

All hail the 2000’s revival! Clear plastic accessories, especially shoes, all of a sudden feel new again. As seen on @mel.wlf.

6. Wear a dress over pants.

style resolutions - dress over jeans

Who needs tights when you have distressed denim? Play with proportions by pairing your flowy midi over your favorite jeans.

7. Swap in lavender.

style resolutions - lavender

The pretty purple hue is a must-have for spring. As seen on @winksandwonder.

8. Add some plaid.

style resolutions - plaid

The typically fall/winter feeling pattern is now officially a perennial print. Try it in an unexpected way, like on a pair of sophisticated flats or a blazer over your favorite tee.

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