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Somewhere along the way, corduroy got a bad rap. We’re not exactly sure how it happened, but the fabric that dominated fall wardrobes in past decades (i.e. the ’60s through the ’90s, actually) fell out of favor with the fashion crowd at some point. Well now corduroy is back — and yes, it’s cooler than ever.

And really, what was ever not to love about this oh-so-touchable fabric? Corduroy is cozy and comfy — and perfect for fall. Plus, it makes a stylish alternative to denim or leather. Try swapping out your cropped jeans for a pair of corduroy culottes or your trucker jacket for a cord moto style — then add a turtleneck or other knit and ankle boots. There’s also the instant interest corduroy brings to any outfit by adding texture. One dimensional? Not this fall favorite.

The cord pieces on offer right now run the gamut, meaning there’s something for everyone — and every style. From pinafore dress and mini skirts to cropped jackets and mules (yes, mules), you can get your fix virtually any way you like, from head to toe (literally). Shop some of our faves ahead and get ready to make corduroy cool again.

corduroy looks that are cool to wear in fall 2018

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