I always liked the term “off the hook” so I guess I am biased when I say that I love the “Off the Chain” handmade earrings that we just got in. 

Not only are these earrings handcrafted with tons of love from California, but the girls (KB and Carlie below) that design and make them are actually employees at Lulus.com. 

The first time I came across these earrings was when I walked past KB and Carlie while they were hard at work in the warehouse wearing these wonderful dangling chain earrings. When I found out that they had made the earrings themselves I begged the girls to loan me a pair of their earrings to use for our Grunge Glam Lookbook photo shoot. 

The next week we convinced the girls to create a line of their jewelry specifically for Lulus.com customers! And that’s how this love story ended, happily ever after clad in dangling chain earrings!

Here are the Off the Chain Earrings in Metal Feather as seen on the site. 

I got a pair of these earring for myself and wear them to everything. That being said I highly recommended them for everyday use.